11 Unique Challenges Men Experience That Women May Not Understand

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Men and women are different in so many ways. One of the ways they differ is in their experiences. Many people think men “have it easy.” But male members of a popular online forum think otherwise. They cite these 11 struggles that women wouldn’t understand. 

People Think You Are a Creep if You’re Too Amicable With or Around Children

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First, a man being too amicable with or around children, playing with them, or calling them “cute” gets men branded as a creep.

One lady writes, “I work with pediatric patients and feel so bad for the men I work with. They record every moment of a diagnostic procedure because they are afraid someone will come after them for sexual abuse.”

Sadly, this mentality still “applies even if they are your own children.”

Getting an Erection Out of Nowhere

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Women wouldn’t understand how it feels “getting an erection out of nowhere and being scared someone’s gonna see you and think you are a pervert, even though you’re not aroused, and your blood just took a wrong turn and ended where it shouldn’t.”

People Are Scared if Men Show Any Negative Emotion

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“Every time I get pissed for even a reasonable thing, everyone around me looks like I’m gonna start beating people or shooting,” complains a guy.

There Is No Compassion for Men Who Struggle With Life

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Moreover, people show no compassion for men with PTSD or struggling with life. A poster explains, “Men are expected to handle everything and anything thrown at them, and if you fail or break down, you’re weak.”

You Simply Can’t Scratch Your Balls

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Men understand the concept of scratching their balls: “It’s more of a pinching and twisting the itch, and no one teaches you this,” but women will never understand it. 

Expected to Be Strong Enough to Handle Whatever Life Throws

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Men struggle to meet society’s expectations to be strong enough and handle life challenges “yet also be open and vulnerable enough to talk about emotions and feelings.” Where is the balance? 

Nobody to Confide In

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“If you are struggling, society expects you to just push through it and don’t show emotion,” states a poster. Fortunately, more men are breaking this barrier and are now confiding in their fellow male friends.         

Your Worth as a Person Is Directly Correlated to How Much Money You Earn

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It is also sad that a man’s worth is directly correlated to their bank account. “The majority of people will treat you worse than dirt if they know you are poor or unemployed,” reads a post. 

Another poster says, “People call me ugly until they find out how much I make. Then they call me ugly and poor.”

Trying to Decipher the Hints Provided by Women

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“People can’t read minds. If you are not interested in someone, tell them and be honest. Don’t waste their time,” advises a commentator.  

Men Can Be Mocked for Their Height or Baldness

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Another struggle is how men can be mocked for their height, baldness, or other body physique, and nobody cares. 

“The double standard of body shaming,” shares a poster, “Apparently, it doesn’t count when it comes towards men and height, but if you call a woman overweight, you are a misogynist.”

How Rare Positive Female Attention Is for the Average Guy

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Additionally, men receive little to no female attention when they are an “average guy.”

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