11 Popular Sports That Some People Just Don’t Get

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Watching sports is one of the most popular past times for all generations worldwide. And while some sports are loved by majority of the world’s population, others are only well-loved in some countries. Then there are a few like fishing and eating that people didn’t even know we official sports. But despite their popularity, some people still don’t understand why people enjoy watching these 11 sports.


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Many people don’t understand the thrill of racing on a circular track multiple times, although they admit that NASCAR drivers are skilled and talented. “It is boring to watch the same thing over and over and over again,” writes a poster. 

However, another admits that an in-person experience is more fun.  


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“Consistently, the best naps I take in my life occur when golf is on TV. I find the whispered tones the analysts use very soothing, and it’s just so boring to watch,” explains a user. 

But as another user explains, “Golf is not a sport of constant movement or high adrenaline action. Golf is a sport of technique, precision, strength, calculation, and judgment.”

American Football

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People don’t understand why American Football is so popular, considering it features “frequent breaks and short plays.” A user explains that the game is about sitting for three hours only to watch an hour of players running off the clock, while there are only 12 minutes of actual play. 

Competitive Eating

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How does watching people eat heaps of food evolve into a popular sport? One user finds this disgusting because they aren’t amused by how people choose to celebrate gluttony when some cannot access such food. 


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The game is fun to watch for baseball fans but not everyone else. Nevertheless, even those who hate watching it agree that it’s different when you listen to the radio. “You can easily envision and understand everything happening in the game simply from the commentary,” shares a poster. 


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Other people don’t understand how darts are popular, especially in the UK. But a user sheds some light on this, “Dart’s isn’t really a sport. It’s a drinking event, and there is no better drinking sport.”


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With an estimated 2 billion global fans, some people still don’t share the thrill of this popular sport. One user says, “Basketball has two major problems: #1. Every game ends on a foul where the last 2-3 minutes take longer than the entire period. #2. The competitive balance is basically non-existent.”


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Cycling is boring for some because, if you watch it live, you need binoculars to track the cyclists. Plus, only the last few miles of the race are fun. 


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Soccer-neutral fans also have no love for the game and consider it boring. Reasons for this include, “#1. There is almost nothing happening for 90 minutes. Game time can pass without a single goal. #2. The offside rule. #3. It didn’t happen if the referees didn’t see it. #4. Grown men pretending to be hurt.” 

However, one user points out that it becomes impossible to miss a game once you get hooked on one team. 


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Additionally, watching anglers sit for hours or days hoping to get a bite isn’t fun. Nevertheless, thousands of people are happy to see their favorite anglers in action so they can perfect their skills or purchase every fishing gear they use. 


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For many, curling only becomes entertaining when drunk. “Watching people curl while sober is like watching paint dry,” writes a poster. 

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