11 Reasons Why Boomers Deny Younger Generations’ Difficulties

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Gen X and Millennials fault Baby Boomers for creating the difficulties they face, including ruining the economy. But as you’ve guessed, Boomers deny they played a role in any of it. Why? Here are 11 reasons. 

They’d Have to Admit They Were Privileged

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Boomers refuse to acknowledge younger generations’ problems because if they did, it would be as if they were admitting they were privileged. “I once tried to explain privilege to a Boomer,” says a commentator, “They promptly threw a temper tantrum, left, and went home to their half-million dollar home that they bought on a minimum wage income back in the 1980s.”

They’d Have to Acknowledge It’s Their Fault

Another reason is that they don’t want to acknowledge that “it’s their fault younger generations are suffering in the first place from the policies they put in.” Sadly, “Boomers do what Boomers do best: ignore and pretend they didn’t do anything.”

They Think They Are Self-Made

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“Boomers have refused to acknowledge the privileges and handouts they had from the Silent Generation who spoiled them,” explains a poster. They consider younger generations lazy and weak, while they did nothing much to secure their wealth. 

“My dad loves all these ridiculous bootstrap stories of someone who grew up homeless and became a millionaire because they only shopped at Walmart and made coffee at home,” shares a user. Sadly, this tip wouldn’t help Gen X and Millennials be rich.  

They Were Exposed to Unhealthy Levels of Lead

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Some people think Baby Boomers lack empathy for younger generational problems because they “were exposed to unhealthy levels of lead during their formative years.” A post says, Heavy lead exposure is known to damage the exact parts of the brain that lead to emotional regulation, intelligence, and empathy.”

They Are the Direct Beneficiaries of the Current System

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Also, Boomers are incapable of showing empathy to the younger generations “because they are the direct beneficiaries of the current system.” One post explains, “They spent 50 years voting to give themselves stuff and have their children pay for it. If they acknowledge that, they will feel guilty about their actions.”

They Don’t Care About Anyone Else

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Also, Boomers do not care because younger generational struggles do not affect them. 

Lack of Empathy

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“Narcissist tendencies do not allow compassion for anything or anyone that does not measure to the perfection they see themselves as achieving,” points out a post.  

Most Entitled Generation

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Moreover, Baby Boomers are the most entitled generation, considering “they get their way 90% of the time.” Meanwhile, Gen X and Y are still struggling to get similar benefits as those handed down to Baby Boomers by the Silent Generation. 

They Can’t Do Math

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Boomers also don’t understand that what worked for them does not apply in the modern world. “Basic math shows people nowadays earn 30-50% of the buying power Boomers earned growing up. The same jobs, on average, basically pay people half of what they used to. So, young people nowadays mathematically have to work twice as hard for the same pay.”

They Insert Themselves into Everything

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An annoyed commentator interacting with Boomers daily rants, “They just insert themselves into everything and bring comparatively little to the table. They are obnoxious and take the air out of the room. They don’t leave much space for other voices and act like their comments are dripping with gold. You’d think they would be a little more self-aware, humble.”

They Don’t See Work as Exploitation

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The Greatest Generation lived in a time when “being a factory worker was a miserable life or poverty and exploitation” and worked to enforce worker protection unions. Baby Boomers were privileged to grow up in a time when there was less exploitation and wages were great. So, they do not view work as exploitation because they never experienced it. 

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