11 Positive News Reports That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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Everyone needs a dose of good news now and then, especially with all the negativity in the world today. For example, did you know that animal populations are on the rise in some areas? Here are 11 pieces of positive stories that will reignite your hope for a bright future.

Pandas Are No Longer Endangered

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Today, the cute, clumsy pandas are no longer on the endangered species list. 

Iberian Lynx Sightings

Iberian Lynx (lynx Pardinus) Watching Sierra Morena Andalucia Spain.
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One excited user says, “For the first time in decades, there have been Iberian Lynx sightings in Madrid. Two sightings in the last week!”

Rare Plants Tissue Culture

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Did you know “it’s so easy to repopulate the earth with rare plants through tissue culture”? This technique is the most-needed option to prevent rare plant extinction crises. “It is a positive development that promotes conservation and safeguards biodiversity,” points out a user. 

Progress on Ending Aids Pandemic

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A nurse who offered palliative care to AIDs patients in the 80s and 90s writes, “It was the most horrible experience seeing such young, vibrant people so sick and dying. There were no effective treatments available. (However,) the breakthroughs over the years in the treatment of HIV are amazing to me.”

More Access to Clean Drinking Water

Drinking Water
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In the past, clean water and basic sanitation were leading global issues but not anymore. A commentator writes, “More people than ever before have access to clean drinking water, which is saving thousands of lives.”

Malaria Vaccine Is Currently Undergoing Human Trials

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This effort “could save hundreds of thousands of lives a year, many of them children,” explains a commentator. 

Teen Pregnancies Are Down

Young Woman Hand Holding Pregnancy Test With Two Stripes. Pastel
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People do not also know that teen pregnancy rates have dropped significantly. One commentator credits the MTV show Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant, while another thinks the decline is thanks to reproductive health education and accessibility to birth control. 

Honeybees Are at an All-Time High

Beekeeper Removing Honeycomb From Beehive. Person In Beekeeper Suit Taking
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You could say that honeybees are currently overpopulated if such a thing exists. Sadly, the tawny mining bee numbers are decreasing. 

California’s Lake Oroville Is Now 100% Capacity

Oroville Dam California
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After years of drought, California’s Lake Oroville is currently at 100% water capacity. 

Smoking Hits an All-Time Low

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Another significant drop that most people are unaware of is adult cigarette smoking. This could be due to anti-cigarette campaigns, smoking laws, or educating the younger generation about the dangers of cigarette smoking.   

Child Mortality Is Declining

Portrait Of Kid Girl With Face And Hands Painted At
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“People are voluntarily limiting their fertility by using birth control so there is no population bomb to speak of,” points out a commentator on the reduced cases of child mortality. Another user responds, “It was common to have 7 children or more 150 years ago…Today it’s 1, maybe 2 for most people.”

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