11 Hobbies People Think Are the Most Boring Things You Can Do

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Hobbies are personal pastimes that relax you. Other people shouldn’t dictate how you chill in your free time. But that doesn’t stop people from expressing their opinions. Here are 11 examples of hobbies that people are confused by and find extremely boring.

Involuntary Collections

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“A lot of people fall into this trap” of involuntary collections based on people’s assumptions. 

A poster narrates, “My grandmother had a bunch of white porcelain cats when I grew up. Later, I found out she only had them because people kept giving them to her, thinking she collected them. She didn’t want to be rude.” 

Predict a Guinea Pig Yawn

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Interestingly, some enjoy staring at their guinea pigs in an “attempt to predict when they will yawn.” A sign they look for is “a twitch of a whisker.” Although it sounds cute, the waiting is boring.  

Reading Obituaries to Cross Names in the Phonebook

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Now, this is a weird hobby, but some people do it. One user confesses, “I read them because I love them.”

Watch Traffic Go By

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Many older people admit to feeling peaceful and calm while watching the traffic go by, but some consider this boring. A wife recalls, “My husband and I used to do that on our porch. We’d watch cars go by, and people watch with drinks in hand. It was fun.”

Fantasy Curling

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“A fantasy sport is typically where you build a team and get points based on how those people do in real life,” points out a poster. But this hobby does not make sense to many non-curling fans. 


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Some people also obsess about maintaining a perfect lawn or offering advice on how to do it, which sounds boring and a lot of work for others.

“My FIL was like that. I never quite understood it. When he pivoted to gardening, sure, that makes sense. But grass? Help me understand,” writes a confused user. 

Read the Newspaper

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A user says, “My parents read the newspaper 4-5 hours a day and then discuss the articles they’ve read. They’re happy doing this, and I’m glad they have this common interest. For me, that’d be a tough one.” 

Most people would prefer scrolling their phones to reading the newspaper. 

Using Magic Eraser to Clean Grunge and Dirt Off

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Some people enjoy cleaning grunge and dirt off with magic erasers. “It’s my stress reliever,” admits a poster. But others don’t see the thrill. “My boyfriend watched me for hours straight scrub our railing on our stairs and couldn’t understand how I wasn’t bored by ten minutes in,” shares a user. 

Following Constant Fake Drama Involving Celebrities

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Additionally, some people find following celebrities’ constant fake dramas and obsessing over their lives a boring hobby. “I’m not into real drama from other people. Why should I care about another person’s drama that I have no hand in or benefit from?” wonders a poster.

Nevertheless, numerous people are happy to browse around for new information about their celebrities’ fashion styles, recent vacations, dating life, and more. 

Collecting Banana Stickers

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Apparently, this is a hobby for some people. “My father collected banana stickers. He would keep some cornstarch and piece of wax paper in his wallet whenever he saw a new one out at the grocery store or was traveling for business,” shares a poster.

Watching Paint Dry

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“That can be considered as some kind of meditation and meditation rocks,” points out a user, or “to create special effects paints.” But seriously, watching paint dry is a hobby? 

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