11 Most Pointless Rules in Sports

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Rules don’t always take the fun out of certain things in life. In sports, regulations are in place for fairness and safety. They also make the game more challenging and can actually be part of the excitement. Then again, these 10 sports rules don’t even affect the actual outcome and just don’t make sense. 

Fanboost In Formula E

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Isn’t it ridiculous how the “driver who gets the most mentions on Twitter during a race gets to use extra power” in Formula E racing? And since this is electric formula racing, the driver can get that power boost fast using software.

Female Chess Players Can Get Disqualified If They Show Too Much Cleavage

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If an opponent claims they are losing because a female player’s cleavage is distracting, a jury deliberates on the best next course of action, which is, surprisingly, a disqualification. 

“In all fairness, high-level chess games typically have strict dress codes around, and this is a legitimate, unfair distraction, and advantage,” says a poster who is okay with the rule, “It is at eye level of where you are trying to focus. It’s biology. It’s measurable. It shouldn’t be permitted.”

Home Runs Start to Count As Outs In Men’s Softball

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Although this rule seems wild, it promotes competitiveness in teams to avoid an automatic out. 

One False Start Can Get A Runner Disqualified in Track and Field

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This rule feels quite harsh for many online users, and they recommend penalization rather than disqualification. “Those guys train their muscles for those ridiculously fast twitch reactions to the starting sound, and if anyone manages to get good at it, he’s messed up?” wonders a fan.  

There Are Only Three Challenges in the NFL

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The rule states that once you use the three and they aren’t “overturned in your favor,” you don’t get to make more calls. But one player suggests, “Allow me two incorrect challenges per game. If I keep getting them right, I should be allowed to keep challenging.”

In Football, the Kicking Team Can Only Retain and Recover the Ball

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The rules don’t allow the kicking team to “advance an onside kick” “but can advance a recovered punt.”

Taunting Is Technical In NBA

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Basketball does not allow taunting a fellow player on your or the opponent’s team, a rule that feels bizarre to some. However, a basketball referee points out, “I’ve done this call plenty, but only as a prevention of a brawl breaking out. Typically, taunting is trying to start a beef that shouldn’t be on the court, and the call is to gain control or slow the pace.” 

No Checking Allowed in Women’s Hockey

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“No checking? Why do they even call it hockey? Just call it ‘women’s competitive puck handling,’” writes an annoyed fan. 

But according to another fan, the bizarre rule was because “there was no professional league for women, and there was no point in players risking their safety for a sport that had no potential to earn them a living.”

In Kendo, Legal Attacks Must Be Accompanied by an Appropriate Yell

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Yelling is part of playing Kendo. You yell “when you’re about to attack” or risk losing points.

NHL Players Are Not Allowed to Tuck Their Jerseys

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In defense of why this strange rule is in place, it is to expose the player’s protective gear. Tucking, however, can get a player penalized.

In FIFA, Goal Celebration Must Not Be Excessive

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Although a goal is a celebratory moment for a team, players are discouraged from choreography celebrations, taking their jerseys off and leaving the field for a long period. 

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