11 Younger Generation Slang That People Hate

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The older generation were creative with their slang, some iconic phrases are still used today. But now that it’s the Gen Z and Millenial’s turn to come up with their own lingo, they aren’t up to par with the slang standards of the past. Here are 11 examples of current expressions that either don’t make sense or lack any imagination.


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Unalive is a slang word the youth use in place of “kill” or “die” since social media platforms like YouTube censor them. 

One user feels this word is dystopian, “The fact that their chosen communication platform doesn’t allow them to say ‘dead’ or ‘died’ in any context under the threat of censorship or de-platforming, and it’s such a dictator on how young people talk that they use that language even when not using the platform, that’s a problem.”


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The word is short for “charisma,” but it doesn’t charm the older generation. “I just hate it,” writes a user. “Charisma is a word that ruminates its meaning, while ‘rizz’ just sounds cringe and something a kid would say to sound cool,” writes another.


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Gen Z and millennials use “cap” to describe something fake or dishonest. One commentator explains, “Apparently, it means ‘lie.’ I always thought it meant ‘limit,’ just like ‘salary cap’ in sports.”


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When Gen Z and millennials use this slang, they refer to someone below average or something of poor/low quality. “(It’s) like average is a bad thing now or something,” complains a poster. 


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When something is extremely great, the younger generations call it “bussin.” But some older people hardly keep up with the meanings and sometimes “throw all these words into a conversation, intentionally and out of context.” 


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“Based is the dumbest expression I’ve ever heard. It doesn’t even make sense,” complains a user. Apparently, it means agreement, approval, or admiration. 


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Aesthetic is a word that describes the style, beauty, or essence of something or someone. Unfortunately, young people now use “it as a lone adjective,” which is annoying. “‘The painting is aesthetic’ means nothing,” clarifies a user, “(It’s) like saying something is ‘visual’ as some kind of compliment.”

No Printer

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Instead of saying, “You are right” or “That’s the truth,” millennials and Gen Z choose to say, “Fax. No printer,” which makes no sense. 

A young person explains, “We say ‘facts’ when someone says something true or relatable. ‘Facts’ sounds like ‘fax,’ which led to “Fax. No printer.”


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“Sus” is the shortened version of “suspect” or “suspicious,” and the younger generation is bent on using the slang word. “Just say the whole word. It really isn’t hard – ready? Sus.pi.cious. Yay!” reads a post. 

A different poster points out that in Australia, “sus” means “to find out about something in Australia. For example, there’s a new burger joint down the road. Let’s sus it out.”


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The word can mean someone trying too hard or “the opposite of trendy.” “It’s just uncomfortable to say,” expresses a user. Another details, “This was a stupid TikTok mongering Bs started by out of the loop millennials.”


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Glizzy can mean a hotdog, glock, or handgun, but it doesn’t feel right to older people. “Everything about it sounds bad,” says a post. “It sounds phallic,” says another. 

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