11 Gas Stations With Surprisingly Good Food

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Nowadays, gas stations are not only selling fuel for your car; some have the tastiest foods to keep your stomach full too! So, the next time you need to gas up and need a quick but delicious snack, make sure to visit these 11 gas stations!  


Sheetz Gas Station Manassas Virginia Usa November 10 2021
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If you live in Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, or Ohio, Sheetz is an excellent gas station to grab great food. One poster recommends it for its high quality and variety of foods, plus it’s made to order!  

“The mozzarella sticks are better than I’ve ever had in a restaurant,” reports a user, with another saying, “The fried mac and cheese bites; they’re made of solid cholesterol but so tasty.” 

Czech Stop

West Tx July 11 2019: Czech Stop Little Bakery
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Texas residents admit to making pit stops at Czech Stop to grab kolaches.   

Kwik Trip

Owatonna Mn/usa. June 14 2019. The Exterior Overhang Of A
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The company’s name in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin is Kwik Trip, while Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota residents call it Kwik Star. Fortunately, the name change does not interfere with their flavorful food. 

Many people enjoy their “spicy chicken sandwich and some cheesy breadsticks,” “egg rolls,” and “coffee.”

Casey’s General Store

Springfield Missouri March 22 2019: Casey's General Stores Inc.
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The store is operational in 16 states and makes “pretty slappin” pizzas. “Their breakfast pizza is the best. I treat myself once a week when I stop for gas before work,” says a commentator. 

One parent also confesses, “When I visit my daughter in Iowa, I have to get a slice at least once while I’m there.”


Orlando Florida Usa January 21 2020: Wawa Gas Station
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Wawa started as retail stores and later expanded to gas stations. Their brisket sandwiches and hoagies are a must-try. 

You can find Wawa in Florida, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, DC. 

Cumberland Farms

Middletown Ny United States May 04 2020: Middletown Ny
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The gas stations are in Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. They sell “$1 coffee that tastes better than Dunkin or Starbucks.”

Stewart’s Shops

Cobleskill New York June 9 2017: Stewart's Shops Are
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Upstate New Yorkers are all in for Stewart Shops. “They have amazing dairy. Ice cream is top-notch, local cheddar cheese is tasty, (and you can get) some of the highest quality milk and eggs,” mentions an online user. 

Unfortunately, Stewart’s Shops in many states are corner stores, not gas stations.  


Bastrop Texas Circa March 2019: A Buc Ee's Gas Station
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“It’s got amazing breakfast wraps and barbeque sandwiches,” points out a user. Why not visit one if you live in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, or South Carolina? 


Charlotte Nc Usa August 21 2021: Horizontal Medium Closeup
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Quiktrip also serves amazing gas station food. One commentator wrote this post during the Covid lockdown, “It will be great when Covid is finally over and their roller grills re-open. I miss picking up a corn dog or taquito with whatever else I went in for, tasty and small enough you are finished by the time you walk out.”

Another user says, “I unironically love their food. I don’t care if it’s hot dogs, taquitos, pizza, breakfast biscuits, or mac and cheese.”


Breaded Chicken Tenders With Ketchup Salad And Soda
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Did you know Parker’s was voted the #4 Best Gas Station for Food in 2023 and has been ranking high in the previous years too? “Parker’s Kitchen beats most fast food places,” expresses a commentator. You can try their hand-breaded chicken, freshly-made biscuits, or sandwiches. 

Fuel City

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Dallas and Texas residents also enjoy great-tasting dishes from Fuel City gas station.  

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