11 Traits That Make a Person Creepy

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Everyone has their quirks. But some people exhibit odd behaviors more often than others. They end up making people so uncomfortable that others can’t stand to be around them. From not respecting people’s personal space to being overly expressive, here are 11 signs that a person is just downright creepy.


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The first sign that screams creepy is if someone doesn’t respect boundaries and “doesn’t understand that ‘No’ is a full sentence.” Ignoring this sign may cost you later. 

Don’t Understand Personal Space

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Another sign is when they need to be within arm’s length to speak to you, or worse, too close that you can feel their breath. 

Make Comments That Are Out of Line

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Next, creeps make weird comments about violence “like it’s normal,” so you have difficulty deducing whether they mean it or not. 

A poster details how they play with your mind, “If you don’t react negatively, they read it as a green sign to keep doing it and pushing the boundaries even further. If you respond negatively, then suddenly, it’s ‘Hey, it was just a joke. Why are you being so sensitive?'”

Refers to Himself as an “Alpha Male”

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It is a red flag when a man regards himself as an alpha male or sigma male and “refers to women as ‘females.'” One user points out, “They can never fathom that a powerful personality never has to announce that it’s a powerful personality,” 

Another adds that it is creepy when a woman “refers to herself as a ‘bad girl’ or ‘queen.'”

Believes in “Age Is Just a Number”

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Another dead giveaway of a creepy person is when they use the phrase age is just a number “as an excuse to date a kid.” A poster says, “Age is just a number, like 2-4 years in prison in just a number.” 

It is also creepy when “grown men tell teenage girls they’re too mature for their age.”

Don’t Take No for an Answer

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It’s also creepy people who will interpret “no” as a plea to try harder. They can become aggressive, disrespectful, and manipulative to fulfill their wishes.  

Gets Attached Too Easily

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A user narrates about a girl she met through class, “She immediately became very attached and asked for my apartment key the second time we hung out together, which was about one week apart.” Can you hear the creepy alarms ringing? 

Zero Personality Outside of the Bedroom

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Also, if the person can’t hold conversations that don’t revolve around intimate interactions in the bedroom, that’s another huge red flag. 

Isolates You From Your Friends

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If isolation is part of their manipulative power move, they also count as creepy.  

Overly Aggressive Handshake

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Many people perceive this as a “weird display of dominance” and hate it. 

Makes Crude Sexual Jokes or Comments to Someone Younger

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Isn’t it also creepy when a grownup makes such comments to a child, “You’re gonna be a heartbreaker,” “Let me know when you turn 18,” “I bet your parents are chasing them away,” or “He is such a flirt.” 

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