11 Simple Repairs You Can Do Yourself

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We all love a good DIY tip and life hack. However, our first instinct is to call a professional whenever there’s something broken around the house. Whether it’s a clogged toilet or a dripping faucet, here are some repairs you could do on your own. 

Replacing the Shower Head

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Try replacing the shower head yourself before calling a plumber. One user says, “I had a friend ask me for a reference for a plumber to change out his shower head… I asked him if he had ever changed a light bulb because if so, he already knew how to change a shower head.” It’s that easy!

Changing Tail Light Bulbs

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You might think that changing your car’s tail light bulbs is complicated, but it’s not. A commentator says, “I recently changed out a tail light on my car using a YouTube video and a two-pack of $8 bulbs. It took me 10 minutes.”

Sewing Back on a Button

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Also, sewing back a button is a DIY project you can accomplish. A seamstress writes, “Hems, buttons, or patches are overpriced and so incredibly easy to do.”

Another seamstress adds, “I will take your money if you refuse to learn how to do it.”

Changing Car Wiper Blades

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You don’t need a mechanic to change your car’s wiper blades. One car maintenance attendant writes, “The service center I work at changes air filters and wiper blades at just the cost of the part, just because they take like 5 seconds (to change). Good add-on sales.” Why pay this much if you can do it? 

Replacing Outlet Covers

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You also don’t need a professional electrician to replace outlet covers. For safety, switch off your home’s main breaker first. 

Swapping RAMs

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Stores will charge you $80 or more to change your RAM while you can do it yourself. A poster says, “My husband taught me how with pointing and the words, ‘take that off, take out the old one, clip in the new one. Put the thing back on.’ That’s it. It took like 3 minutes, and I’m the least technical person ever.”

Fixing a Flat Bicycle Tire

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One post reads, “A lot comes with the realization that bikes are actually fairly simple mechanical devices, and most repairs are easy enough with a little research.” Adjusting your bicycle’s brakes and gears are also easy tasks you can do. 

Replacing Headphone Pads

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“You literally just have to pull them out and stick new ones. How the hell is that hard?” wonders a user who couldn’t understand why her male acquaintance was looking for someone to replace his headphone pads. 

Window Washing

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Also, you can clean your windows with clean water, liquid washing detergent, and a wet cloth. Some users prefer adding vinegar, while others use ammonia. Regardless, your windows will get a streak-free shine as they would if a professional window cleaner did the work.  

Oil Changes

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“Oil change for the car requires a fair bit of parts removal, a lift, a few quarts of synthetic oil, a new filter, and at least half an hour,” writes one poster. 

Changing a Lightbulb

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One of the easiest home repairs you can do is change a lightbulb. Just turn off the light and wait for the old bulb to cool. Then, turn it counterclockwise, put the new bulb in (clockwise), and turn the light back on.

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