11 Poor Life Choices That Are More Common Than You Think

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As adults, people tend to just keep up with what life throws at them. It’s not often that people put themselves first because it may seem selfish. But to be happy you have to realize that you can’t fix everything and that it’s okay. From relationship mistakes to not setting personal boundaries, here are 11 unhealthy life choices that people commonly make.

Staying in a Bad Situation

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The fear of the unknown can be overwhelming, which can drive people to feel comfortable despite their terrible situation. It could be a “relationship, friendship, family, or a job or career. If something isn’t working for you and benefits you in zero ways, it may be time to analyze the problem and determine what needs to change.” 

Dating the Wrong Person for Too Long

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Some people marry the wrong person because they are afraid of being single. But don’t make this terrible decision as it will make you miserable later.

Not Saying No Often Enough

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Also, some people have trouble saying no because they were conditioned as kids to play nice and even feel guilty when they say it. Unfortunately, not saying no can lead to a loss of personal identity because other’s opinions constantly guide you.

Using a Credit Card to Buy Things Without the Means to Repay It

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The better, healthier life choice would be to live within your means. By doing so, “you get to earn interest on the money you would have spent through your bank statement period, and buy what you need and earn credit card points, then auto-pay on the last day with 0% interest charged.”

Working Too Much

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Anything in excess, including work, isn’t healthy. With the current economic crisis, it is understandable if you need to work several jobs to make ends meet. However, this will also eat away at your physical and mental health. 

Thinking That a Baby Will Fix a Relationship

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Neither a baby, a pet, a wedding, a new house, nor getting into an open relationship will save a failing relationship. The best decision at this point would be to walk away. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

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Many people don’t understand the value of getting adequate sleep each night. It improves mood, reduces stress, lowers the risk of health problems, and enhances fine motor skills. 

One user recalls, “I experienced sleep deprivation psychosis due to a mix of stress and lack of sleep. I couldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

Neglecting Relationships

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A poster mentions, “Failing to invest time and effort in maintaining relationships with family, friends, or partners can lead to loneliness and a lack of support.” It’s wild that some people forget marriage “isn’t the end of building (a relationship) but the beginning.”

Constant Indecision

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Constant indecision is still a decision, and nothing good comes from this. “In the army, they drill into you that indecision means death. A bad call is better than no call. It’s a good life lesson,” points out a user. 

Having Children With No Means to Support Them

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Kids can be unhealthy if you aren’t financially, emotionally, physically, and socially ready. 

One parent says, “I’ve learned from having kids that you need money, a support network, and flexible working. If you have two of the three, you can do it. But if you only have one of those things, it better be money.”

Failing to Invest in Yourself

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Lastly, many people fail to learn “new skills, exercise, therapy, or experiencing new things” that can help them improve themselves. But you can change this by investing in yourself.

Others forget to save for the future. One poster mentions, “Assume you’re going to live until 70. Better to invest in yourself now and enjoy the fruits for longer than to invest later and have less time to enjoy.”

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