11 Popular Cars That People Wouldn’t Want to Buy and Why

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Buying a car is one of the things that people aim to do. And while there are a lot of popular cars out there for every budget, not all of them are worth the hype. The expectations of both high-end and affordable cars don’t match the reality of maintenance issues, poor quality, and safety issues. Owners of these 12 hyped-up cars reveal why you shouldn’t buy them even if you can afford to get them brand new.

Range Rover

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Some people would rather walk or use public transport than buy a Range Rover. They explain Range Rovers are too expensive, yet they break down easily. “Under warranty, they are great. Once off, you better have deep pockets. Mine ate my pockets,” shares a Range Rover owner.

Another user scoffs, “Why drive (a Range Rover) when you can have a guy with a tow truck take you and your car anywhere you want to go?”


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Diesel Fords have frustrated many users, who aren’t willing to risk purchasing another Ford again. “I’ve been stranded in the middle of nowhere twice my entire life. Both times were in different F-350s. Never again,” says a poster. 


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Some users wouldn’t buy a Tesla because “Musk is associated with it.” Others mention it is overpriced, yet it’s cheaply made.

Meanwhile, few drivers regard this brand as “cars for wannabe rich people as the drivers think they are in the big leagues when, in reality, no rich person would even consider a Tesla.”

Mitsubishi Mirage

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The “poor and working-class Americans” love the Mitsubishi Mirage due to its affordability, good gas mileage, and warranty. However, some drivers would never buy one.

General Motors

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“We had a GM Beretta on which the dashboard melted, the windows fell out, and the carpet faded in six months, not to mention the fun that went on under the hood,” says a user who vowed never to buy a brand new General Motors car. These cars have poor build quality from the get-go. 


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Drivers with bad experiences with a Volkswagen swear never to drive that brand again, even if it were free. “I’ve spent $4000 and 3 trips to the dealer on an oil leak, and guess what, there’s still an oil leak,” writes a user. 


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“Lexus is the Karen car of Toyota Land,” describes a poster. Another says, “Lexus materials aren’t anything to write home about.”

Jeep Wrangler

Poor safety features in the Jeep Wrangler push away many drivers. One commentator explains there are “no airbags in the doors, ride quality is awful, overpriced, loud road noise, and poor resale value on the newer ones.”

Hyundai Venue

November 21 2019 The White 2020 Hyundai Venue Sel Is
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Some users find the car unattractive at first glance. This compact SUV’s interior is relatively small and lacks an all-wheel drive. Nevertheless, a few drivers love that it is affordable. 

Kia Soul

Novosibirsk Russia May 16 2018: Kia Soul Side View.
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“In the last 5 years, Kia has had recall after recall, class action, lawsuits, etc. There is a reason their cars are cheaper, and it is not because they choose to make less profit. It’s because they use cheaper materials,” points out a user. And Kia Souls are among the most recalled models due to engine compartmental fires.

Nissan Altima

Salt Lake City United States Mar 19 2022: A
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Many drivers also steer away from the Nissan Altima because of its CVT transmission problems, such as car stalling, jerking, and delayed acceleration. 

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