10 US States and Cities That Are Unfairly Criticized

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The 50 states of the United States of America all have their peculiarities. Some states, such as Alabama, are well-known for their college football and devoted Crimson Tide fans. Delaware, on the other hand, is recognized for NASCAR. Connecticut is synonymous with casinos. Certain states have become notorious for reasons like high poverty rates and crime. These 10 US states and cities are struggling with these issues, as well as a negative reputation that is difficult to shake.


The Skyline Of Detroit Viewed From Ontario
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The mention of Detroit gets some people thinking about gang violence, aggravated assault, robbery, or drug-related crimes. However, people who’ve visited or live here have differing opinions. 

“The Detroit area is quite uplifting and vibrant aesthetically, and the cultural diversity is not to be taken for granted,” shares a user, with another calling it a “vibrant city with a great history.”


Chicago Illinois/usa June 30 2013: Panoramic Image Of The Cloud Gate
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“I’ve heard people say it’s a shooting gallery or the murder capital,” shares a user, “(But) it’s a beautiful, vibrant metropolis with a lot to offer.” Not discrediting, there are crimes in Chicago; just like most other cities, the city is also home to magnificent architecture, diverse cultures, and open green spaces. 

South Dakota

Classic View Of Mount Rushmore
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Some users don’t hold the popular opinion that South Dakota is dull. Having visited Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Badlands National Park, Rapid City, and The Black Hills, they deem the state breathtaking. 


View Of Downtown Cleveland Skyline In Ohio Usa At Twilight
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Cleveland is also unfairly maligned due to its harsh winter weather. But it rocks in terms of incredible history, jazz, metro parks, cultural institutions, museums, lakefront parks, classical musical scenes, and more. 

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Skyline Utah At Night
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“Salt Lake City and Utah as a whole isn’t some 19th century, no fun allowed, Mormon version of sharia law hellscape,” corrects a user. However, it does have “laws about beer over 4-5% and 0.05 DUI limit, and not being able to get a draft beer over 5% at a brewery that made the beer.”   


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Florida is not the place to be during the hurricane season. And it doesn’t get a good wrap with the Florida Man stories. However, it hosts incredible wildlife and nature, is multicultural, and is “one of the easiest places in the state to get by without speaking English.”

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Nevada Usa At The Welcome To Las Vegas
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The Strip is often the only place heavily marketed about Las Vegas, but there’s more to Nevada than casinos and expensive resort hotels. You can explore nature by visiting Red Rock Canyon or Ellis Island Brewery for good brew and pizza.   


Aerial Photo Downtown Sacramento From The Capital Building
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“It’s not the Bay, LA, or San Diego, but it’s a great city in California to live in that’s overshadowed by the big tourist cities in the state. If you put Sacramento in another state without these cities, its reputation would be better. Most people don’t realize Sacramento Metro sits between Pittsburgh and Portland metro size and call it a Cowtown,” a poster mentions. 

Los Angeles

Aerial View Of A Downtown Los Angeles At Sunset
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Many people think poorly of Los Angeles after they visit the overcrowded Hollywood and Santa Monica Pier or listen to biased news outlets. However, when one does research and has time to explore, the city has world-famous amusement parks, vibrant arts places, museums, and vast outdoor activities. 


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Mississippi is infamous for high poverty rates, which overshadows its “friendly people, warm weather, lots of history, good music, and good food.”

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