10 Coworker Types That Are Likely to Grind Your Gears

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Every office has that one awful coworker who makes doing work intolerable. Here are several types of coworkers that drive people nuts.

Non-stop Talker

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Non-stop talking coworkers will have you going ‘Ugh’ when they walk into your office or when you meet them in the hallway or elevator. These chatty fellas never have the slightest clue about when to stop talking.

One Reddit user complains, “I really don’t get how you start a conversation with you’re not too busy, or I’ll talk with you while you work, or let me help you work so we can chat.’” And it’s this behavior that prompts other commentators to put on their headphones to block the non-stop chatter. 

“Friendly” Boss

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The friendly bosses come off sweet at first, always smiling and acting like friends, only to ignore you or tear you apart later.

Work Bullies

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Sadly, bullying extends to workplaces, with some coworkers teasing and trash-talking their colleagues. It’s even sadder that people over 40 and 50 are involved in bullying rather than offering constructive criticism.  

The Suck Up

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A ‘Yes Man’ or a suck-up is nobody’s friend. These coworkers act as puppets to their bosses, making their colleagues hate and despise them. “The suck-up is someone you will never respect,” writes one user.   


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Most Reddit users dislike micromanagers, with some vowing never to work with them. One commentator says, “I’m happier to do my job efficiently for someone who accepts I’m the one doing the actual work that makes money. [But] the moment they act like they run it on their own and micromanage, I do the bare minimum.” 

Condescending Coworkers

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Many people have encountered a condescending coworker when new to the job. They are quick to display a superior attitude while offering zero assistance, which makes it harder to adapt to the new role and work environment. 

Passive Aggressive Ones

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Have you ever received a passive-aggressive workgroup email where you instantly understood which of your coworkers was being addressed? Some coworkers do not call out the people involved and only make snide comments. This behavior puts them on our list of least favorite types of coworkers, with one commentator calling it “stupid” and another viewing it as ‘unprofessionalism.’

The Lazy One

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“[I dislike] the lazy one that causes me to have to work harder,” says one user. But another user quickly responds, “Don’t do the work for them. Drop the rope.”

A different commentator points out that, at times, the boss’s kids are the laziest in organizations since they feel entitled, and most people offer them special treatment.

One Who Skips Breaks

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Breaks are essential in every workplace, but some coworkers always sit at their desks, skipping tea and lunch breaks. Although they are not lazy, they add pressure to their coworkers. One employee also calls out the people who volunteer to work until 7 pm on weekdays and weekends. 

Wannabe Managers

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to climb the corporate ladder. However, a controlling, competitive, selfish, and arrogant wannabe colleague is nobody’s favorite. 

Source: Reddit

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