10 Worthless Ways to Spend Your Time

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The popular saying “time is gold” is overlooked by most people. Sometimes, you can’t help but focus on the negative things around you. But choosing to do things ultimately detrimental to you is the worst way to spend your time. If you do these 10 pointless things, you should reevaluate your lifestyle.

Worrying About What Other People Think of You

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Over 17,000 online users agree that spending your time worrying what other people of you is dumb. In most cases, the people you are worried about aren’t even thinking of you, and if they were, you cannot change their thoughts. 

Sitting in Traffic

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Sitting in traffic is one way to be unproductive with your time. But one user recommends audiobooks, “It’s great and makes my drives a lot more enjoyable.” 

Another user jokes, “I sing horrifically in traffic. I am only allowed to sing in my vehicle, and if the police ever encounter me, they might tell me I’m not allowed to do that either.”

Getting Drunk

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Getting so drunk that you don’t remember the night before and feeling sick the whole next day” is another dumb way to spend your weekends. Many users admit they had this ‘”wild stupid phase.” 

Doom Scrolling

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This is the act of scrolling through negative posts and news. ‘”It is considered problematic news consumption,” and most people have difficulty breaking the habit. 

Mindless scrolling, where you don’t even pay attention,” is another way to waste time. 

Complaining About How Boring Your Life Is

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Another loop that some people face is complaining about their miserable life and doing nothing about it. They’d rather scroll on their phones for hours, becoming unproductive, and then complain. 

Debating With Others

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Most people aren’t willing to see another person’s point of view,” explains a user on why debating can be a pointless way to spend time. 

However, another user shares, “Debating someone is an opportunity to understand their view if you are open-minded and curious.”

Playing Slots

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One poster says, “Especially the ones with low RTP (return to player). You walk into a casino and see the slot players, all with lifeless eyes. That stuff is depressing to look at.” 

Moreover, gaming is a “dopamine trap that only makes your life worse.”

Doing Something You Don’t Like in Your Leisure Time

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It is time well spent if you use your leisure time doing things you love. However, engaging in things you detest during your “chill time” wastes time. 

Collecting a Bunch of Fan Fic Stories

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It is also dumb when you realize “you spent your whole weekend doing nothing but collecting a bunch of fan fic stories and then deleting them in a feeling of guilt that you wasted your time off,” reads a post. 

Nevertheless, collecting these stories for reading pleasure is fine. 

Spending Time With People You Have Nothing in Common

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“Socializing is a dance that is beautiful and fun when done with people you love. But being a puppet on strings with people you don’t care for” is weird and painstaking. 

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