These States Have the Most Terrible Drivers

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Driving is a valuable and often life-saving skill. Although road accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, you should still practice defensive driving all the time. This is especially so if you are driving by these ten states. They are notoriously filled with bad drivers. 

New York

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According to members of a popular online forum, New York is the top state with the worst drivers. A trucker with 15 years of experience driving over a million miles writes, “4-wheelers will not bat an eye. They will hit you as they cut you off and keep going.” He also said that the roads are bad, except in the Upstate. 

An EMT adds, “8 million people in NYC, and I’d guess about 20 of them actually know how to drive.”


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Connecticut also has terrible drivers. “For some reason, Connecticut drivers have no pattern of predictability and will drive terribly in completely different ways from one vehicle to another,” writes a driver.  

A born and raised citizen adds, “I’m surprised I’m not dead yet because of how awful drivers are in Connecticut.”


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“I have lived here less than a year and been in too many near-misses to count. Also, for an area that gets a decent amount of snow, they are ridiculously bad at driving in it,” expresses a Utah resident. 

“Many other places are awful to drive in because the population density is so high. Utah isn’t even populated, but it’s still bad because of general obliviousness to other cars, how fast you should be going, etc.,” shares another user.


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“Indiana is depressing and creepy,” describes an Indiana citizen. But that’s not all – The Hoosier State is also home to bad drivers. 

One driver recounts his experience drying in Indiana, “Indianapolis drivers make me want to cry. Turn signals and asking people to let you in for a lane change are non-existent. I have come to a near stop on their outer loop in a middle lane to try to move over because no one would let me in for way too long. Oh, and the tailgating drivers, so dangerous.”

North Dakota

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You will likely have a bad experience dealing with North Dakota’s drivers. “This is due to how easy it is to get your license there. The requirements essentially consist of: be 15, have a car, drive forward, turn left, turn right, park in parking space,” explains a commentator.  


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“Dallas driving gives me the worst anxiety,” writes a driver. Some drivers “have zero regard for other human life.” Moreover, “there’s unending construction everywhere you go.” 


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One user says, “Driving in Atlanta is pure hell,” while another explains, “Driving in Atlanta is rough in a car, can’t imagine driving in an 18-wheeler. Waiting in traffic wherever you go will make you an aggressive driver.”

A delivery driver mentions, “Nothing will make you madder than Atlanta drivers because they are a collection of drivers from other states. You can’t predict what they will do in a certain situation.”


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Louisiana drivers are the worst “mainly because of all potholes throughout every road in the state.”


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One poster writes, “Massachusetts has a great feature I call ‘Massachusetts Right of Way’ where a car pulls out far enough that you can’t pass, but they insist on waiting for you to wave them into traffic. Brilliantly passive-aggressive.”


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“Every time I have been tailgated, whipped around, or cut off, it’s always a Maryland driver,” complains a driver. Another says, “I actively avoid people with Maryland license plates.”

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