10 Everyday Things Not Worth Spending Money On

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How much do you spend daily? Some things are essential to our daily lives, while others are unnecessary spending. When asked what things are not worth spending money on, here are 11 common things that over a thousand Reddit users had to say.  

High-End Branded Clothes

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You pay crazy amounts of dollars for a brand’s logo that does not increase the clothes’ durability. But you can avoid this by looking for quality outfits (not necessarily the cheapest ones) made from comfortable and durable materials.

“It’s worth it to pay a little more for quality, but definitely not for just a logo,” says one Redditor

Dating Services

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The average monthly subscription for most dating sites is between $10 and $30. This might not seem much for users who instantly get a match. However, incurring these costs for several months or years is not worth it. 

Besides, some dating services implant bots to make it look like you’ve got unread messages that can only be read through a paid plan. 

Premium Subscriptions

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If you rarely watch, paying for premium subscriptions only to use them twice a week isn’t worth it.  


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You do not need to pay $80 for a cup of civet coffee. The same applies when buying coffee maker machines. “There is a huge range of pricing from $100 to $1000+… The upper manufacture limit in pressure is 15 bar, and you are likely to find that much power in a $100 machine. Also, more expensive does not mean more durability or quality,” a Reddit comment says. 

Latest Flagship Smartphones

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There is really no need to upgrade (your phone) annually or biannually,” explains one user. This is because the latest smartphone version is relatively similar to the older version. But you should upgrade to a new phone when you notice performance issues, reduced battery life, or you no longer receive software updates. 

Fast Food

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Don’t we love fast food? But the price has skyrocketed in recent years. One commentator recommends, “Go to a real restaurant and have a sit-down meal for roughly the same price” as fast food. Plus, fast foods are not healthy, with another user mentioning, “It will do more damage.”

Rich-Quick Courses

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People selling rich-quick courses make money from ripping off your desire to make more money. One Redditor says, “If the guy selling you their course is making loads of money in his methods he is teaching you, he won’t feel the need to rip you off with a 1000 dollar course.” 

Meet & Greets

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Meets & greets are fun. Sadly, paying for expensive tickets that last a few minutes and you do not get to interact with the said celebrities is not worth it. Other than meet & greets, one commentator wonders, “Why even go to concerts of singers using auto tone and lip sync?”

Food Deliveries

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Lately, food deliveries are more expensive than take-outs, not to mention your food may get cold en route. Plus, you need to tip the driver.

$200 or More on Liquor

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No amount of money is going to make something that’s 40% alcohol really taste good,” mentions one commentator. You’ll observe a taste difference between a $10 bottle and a $50 bottle. However, getting a $200 bottle is only a waste of money because it doesn’t taste better.

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