10 Bizarre Confessions From People Who Have Been Madly in Love

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It’s common to say “I’d die for you” to the person you are head-over-heels in love with. But in reality, what are people really willing to do for their loved ones? Members of an online forum confessed ten crazy (and stupid) things they have done in the name of love.

Tolerate Toxicity and Manipulation for Years

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It’s sad, but many people stay with their toxic and manipulative partners in the name of love. “Took me 21 years to figure this out,” shares a user with another, responding, “Love makes you blind.”

Becoming a Stripper

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“I became a stripper after college, so my husband could not work or stop playing video games,” remembers a poster. Isn’t this ridiculously crazy? Well, some people might call it stupidity and naivety. 

Drove 22 Hours

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“I drove 22 hours straight after working a 10-hour shift to visit her for three days,” says a poster. And even though this long drive is insane, the poster admits it was ‘totally worth it.

Changed Their Entire Personality

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It is also unbelievable that some people have changed their personalities “to the point of forgetting who I am” for the benefit of fitting in. “I stayed with him even though he would literally ‘prank’ dump me every day, joke about my friends, and try to get in my pants despite me not wanting to every time,” confesses a poster. 

If only people knew that loving someone should not strip away who they are. Rather, it should help them embrace all pieces of themselves, including those they don’t like. 

Moved Across the U.S. Twice

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One user moved across the U.S. not once but twice. That must have been an expensive move in terms of money and time. 

Walked 6.2 Miles

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“I walked 6.2 miles in winter through an open field while it was storming and raining ice just to get to my girlfriend. She was sick, and I promised to get her some medicine and cook for her,” writes a commentator. Good thing they are still together eight years later.

Read the Twilight Saga

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“I read all of the Twilight books because a girl I liked was a huge fan,” says a commentator. Can you imagine this commentator reading six books instead of gathering the courage to woo the girl? On the bright side, the user knows more about Stephenie Meyer’s books than we do.  

Lived in a Furnace Room

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Living in a furnace room is unsafe as these rooms are dusty, poorly lit, and ventilated. Moreover, the temperatures can get incredibly high. 

However, one user admits to living “in a furnace room just to be in the same city as the girl he was seeing.” It is a good thing nothing bad happened to him. 

Declined College

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 “(I decided) not to go to the university to stay with my ex. Yes, I know that was the dumbest, craziest mistake I ever made,” admits a user. 

Got Two Jobs

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“I got two jobs so my boyfriend could blow all my money on alcohol because he didn’t work,” confesses a user. 

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