Graceful Goodbyes: 11 Ways to Ask a Guest to Leave Your Home

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As a host, there’s nothing more important than making your guests feel welcome. However, there are times when guests can overstay their welcome. But we don’t want to be rude, do we? It’s best to devise polite yet creative ways to ask them to depart. Members of a popular online platform thought these are the best ways to ask a guest to leave your home:

1. Put an End Time to the Invitation

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“Say that you’re busy around five o’clock, and it’s time to get a move on. They’ll know what you mean,” advised a site member. When you put a cap on the invitation, guests will know when it’s time to go. You don’t have to be too direct about it, as it could make them uncomfortable; throw the phrase in the middle of a conversation.

2. Start Cleaning

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Bring out the mop and broom to indicate it’s time to go. Typically, guests will expect you to sit with them and converse. When you start getting busy around the house, they’ll take it that you want to do other things, and some would offer to leave.

3. Ask Them When They Are Getting Home

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“There’s nothing wrong with nudging your guests to leave, the right way, of course,” added another site member. If you notice it’s late, politely ask your guests when they will get home. They may be oblivious that time is flying, and your suggestion may nudge them to be on their way.

4. Annoy Them With Plenty of Rules

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I’m yet to meet anyone who likes excessive rules. Things like no shoes allowed, no dirty dishes in the sink, and laundry every ten minutes will turn any guest off, especially when they have overstayed their welcome. It’s challenging to adhere to some rules and regulations, especially when you’re not a stickler for the rules. They’ll be bidding you bye-bye in no time.

5. Dim the Lights

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Dimming the lights may sound a little excessive, but it has sent one too many guests out of my home. I never want to be impolite; however, some of my friends are not time-conscious. Dim lights often signal that you’re ready to go and rest; this may be the message your guests need to leave and head home.

6. Offer to Call Them a Ride

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A user commented, “I’m a time-conscious person; most of my friends are not. My trick to getting them to leave is asking if I can call them an Uber. It’s hard to say no to that offer. This makes them leave faster than they can say bye.” Need we say more? It sounds like the perfect way to ask guests to leave politely.

7. Suggest Moving to a Different Location

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Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands! Another user made perfect sense when he suggested using, “Should we move to the patio for two last drinks?” as a statement that indicates politeness. It could also mean that you’re enjoying your time together, but it has sadly ended, yet you’re willing to meet again next time.

8. Glance at Your Watch

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You must be creative, especially to avoid offending your guests. Many people interpret glancing at your watch as saying it’s time to go. It’s a universal interpretation that everyone understands, so you’re guests will pick up on what you’re trying to say and may willingly offer to leave.

9. Mention That It’s Getting Late

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You know you’re a good host when guests want to extend their stay. So that’s a compliment on its own. When you mention you’re running out of time, your guests may feel deflated, but they’ll know it’s time to leave. “Thank you for coming; I hope you had a wonderful time, and I’ll love to host you again” is a beautiful phrase to caution your guests but still thank them for their company.

10. Stop Serving Refreshments

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How would you expect your guests to look when you’re still bringing out the snacks and wine bottles? When they are no longer coming out, they’ll know it’s the end of service. Thus, they should get a move on as there’s nothing there’s nothing more to expect.

11. Gather for a Final Photo

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A great selfie is always the best way to wrap up a visit. Ask your guest to gather for a final selfie. It’s the perfect way to end your time together on a high note. After this picture, it’s difficult for guests to stick around, and you’ll see them trickling out one after another.

Users joked that calling the alligators or the good ol’ slap would work. While that’s hilarious, it’s certainly no way to ask guests to leave your home, don’t consider it! If all else fails, pull out the big guns: family photos from when you were a child or classic home movies. This ought to send them on their way.

Source: Reddit

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