Users Share Their Reasons for Taking a Break From Social Media and Life Changes

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Social media has an undeniable impact on our lives. Many platforms like TikTok, Instagram, X, and others continue to gain popularity. More individuals are starting to reflect on the consequences of digital interactions. Here are ten insights from members of an online forum who have quit using these apps.

1. The Toll on Attention

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One user with a previous following of 20,000 followers on TikTok deleted their account a year ago due to the app messing up their attention span “so badly,” the report. It took them nearly two months to detox; recently, they also deleted Instagram to maintain their well-being.

2. Misinformation Mayhem

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An individual mentions their worry about the “absolute brain rot of misinformation and toxic reckless spewing of opinions.” Another agrees, highlighting “the insane amount of armchair psychology/self ADHD diagnosis and people misusing aspects of therapy and terminology.” Unrestricted access to information doesn’t seem like the best idea.

3. Gaining Clarity

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Using social media as a means of entertainment is alright, but what’s important is knowing its place, time, and limits. For one commenter, stepping away from social media gave them a clear insight into how to use it responsibly and effectively. “Instead of just adopting every app and platform that comes out, think about what you want to achieve and how those things can help.”

4. The Unburdened Wardrobe

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One ex-shopaholic finds themselves relieved of the obsession upon quitting social media. “I want stuff less, and I am less fixated on my appearance and clothes.” These life-altering changes mean they are no longer as materialistic as they used to be, which is ideal both for their wallet and self-esteem.

5. Mindful Makeover

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A self-proclaimed social media addict says that once they deleted the app, they were able to think better. “I was able to think more clearly and analyze things a bit better.” Mindlessly scrolling for hours made them used to absorbing information without thinking about what they saw.

6. Detoxing Desire

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A male user shares that their feed used to be full of “provocative and promiscuous content,” which was altering their perspective on relationships with women. This made him quit it, and what followed was extreme clarity. He advises, “If you’re questioning it, I urge you to try it. It will free up your day, it will free up your mind, and it will force you to engage with yourself more often.”

7. A World Beyond Notifications

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Someone states that upon quitting, they went from being “completely non-functional and depressed” to a “normal person with a job.” Social media is highly addictive and can easily trap one in a vicious cycle. “Pure poison” is how they describe it.

8. From Sad To Glad

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For one, the social media apps were filled with “too much sadness.” A myriad of posts about unfortunate events such as cancer, unfair politics, and over-opinionated and under-educated youngsters made them feel uneasy. They now consider themselves to be happy with the free time that they have and use it for engaging in positive activities.

9. Sleep Success

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These days, going to bed on time seems impossible. Trying to doze off is a task even when you’re physically exhausted. One of the reasons is the overuse of social media, which keeps us hanging onto our phones until the very last second. A user who quit now finds that they can sleep within 1 minute of laying down. That’s quite an achievement!

For one, quitting has reclaimed three to four hours in their day. They have begun to wake up as early as 4 a.m. and have seen their motivation levels rise significantly.

10. Recharging in the Offline World

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“I deleted it because I felt tired and demotivated,” another person shares. It is no surprise that the fast world of social media is constantly pumping us with dopamine. Such an overload can make one feel exhausted and crave the next entertaining thing while being significantly underwhelmed by the little joys of everyday life.

Source: Reddit

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