15 Good Things About “Kids These Days”

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There are many things the older folks have to say about Gen Z and younger generations. But if we only focus on the positive things, how great are they? Here are 16 good things the older people have to say about the ‘kids these days.’ 

They Are Practical

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Gen Z is more practical. One user who works with college students notes they are “able to troubleshoot, not afraid to ask for help than the millennial generation.”

They Can Take Advantage of Vast Information

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Unlike the older generation that relied on the World Book Encyclopedia or a visit to the library for information, kids these days are privileged to find vast information on the internet. One parent mentions, “My son…really digs online to find information about topics that interest him – space, geology, marine life, etc.”

They Are Empathetic

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One Reddit user is amazed by his son’s friends: “They help each other when having trouble emotionally and band together against few bullies.” A younger user, about 19-20 years with same-age friends, back-ups this statement by writing, “When someone needs us… you better believe we are ready with insight and will do anything to support each other.”

They Are Compassionate

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I love their passion to want to change things,” mentions a commentator. Another adds, “They seem more than happy to help this old dude get his head around modern technology without coming across as condescending or impatient.”

They Are Activists

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Many of us have come to admire and respect the young kids being activists,” writes a Gen X user who recalls protests being uncomfortable and weird during their time. 

They Are Open to Diversity

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Many Reddit users are hopeful for the future, thanks to how the younger kids are more open to diversity, whether on culture, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. One comment reads, “I’m hoping for a day when people don’t have to live in fear for being themselves.”

They Express Themselves

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Unlike the older generations that were silent in the face of unfairness, Gen X and younger kids openly call out injustices and stand up for others. 

They Are Highly Adaptable

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Adaptability is another great thing about the younger generation. “I find the majority of young people to be highly adaptable to change, whether in technology or social movement,” mentions a Boomer who admires how kids these days don’t sacrifice family time and personal growth over career development and wealth. 

They Stand Up for Workplace Rights

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These kids are adamant about standing for what’s fair regarding workplace rights and dignity. They are not putting up with their demanding corporate overlords and their tyranny. 

They Deconstruct Gender

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They don’t just assume the world is binary. They are open to a wide variety of genders and preferences.

They Are Invested in the World

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In the past, young adults lived in a bubble without caring for others. But, several Boomers are quick to mention that these kids “care about the small things,” like being invested in being good neighbors, and they “seem sweeter than the last (generation).”

They Are More Accepting

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Due to their highly-adaptive nature, the younger generation is more accepting instead of firmly holding on to popular beliefs and opinions.

They Are Tech-Savvy

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School is not the only learning institution for these kids. Thanks to modern technology, they “‘learn so many things organically.”

They Ask For Help

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These kids had no problem raising their hands to ask questions and saying they didn’t understand something,” writes a late Gen X user who attended a college class with Gen Z. 

They Are Environmentally Aware

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The younger generation also cares about the health of Mother Earth and is willing to make a difference. 

They Engage in Their Interests

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One Reddit commentator, a parent, and employer, notes that the younger generation has higher IQ and EQ regarding their interests. He says, “They’re curious and quickly latch on (and dismiss) things they are interested in.”

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