12 Perfect Examples of “They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To”

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In an era of constant innovation and rapid change, there’s a nostalgic yearning for the timeless treasures that once defined durability, craftsmanship, and lasting quality. Here are twelve perfect examples of items members of an online forum believe aren’t made like they used to be.

1. Fading Threads of Time: Levi’s

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 17, 2019: Levi's Denim Jeans Model with Leather Brand Label. Levi Strauss is an American Clothing Company, Selling Classic Vintage Denim Textured Jeans. Levis Jeans Top View
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Who remembers the good old Levi’s jeans? A user shares that they used a single pair of these jeans for years as a teenager, but the one they bought recently in 2020 only lasted six months at best. “They had fraying and then holes in the seams,” they comment.

2. Cereal Woes: Honeycomb Cereal

Ah, the good old go-to breakfast! Many members believe that in the past, the pieces were bigger, puffier, and more delicious than the “occasional flat, overly crunchy, sad pieces now.” Children today would never understand the joy of biting into pure heaven.

3. The Shrinking Scoop: Magnum

KELANTAN, MALAYSIA - 27th APRIL 2016: The famous Magnum icecream by UNILEVER Malaysia
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“I can swear when I was young, Magnum ice creams were twice the size of today.” Not only Magnums but perhaps all snack items have fallen victim to inflation. A member mentions how it’s incredibly prominent in chocolate bars. Not only are the sizes getting smaller, but the prices are also increasing.

4. Mobile Mayhem: Games

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Gone are the days when you could easily play a game on your phone without the hassle. Although technology has gotten better now, the ease of playing on phones has gotten worse. One shares how they loved playing Boggle on their iPad in 2011. While reminiscing, they decided to download it again. The result? Constant pop-ups and suggestions to compete with other users. Can’t anyone just enjoy an ad-free solo game anymore?

5. Sturdy to Shoddy: Toys

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One frustrated parent raises concern over the quality of children’s toys in today’s world. They had to put up with “flimsy cheap plastic” toys when their daughter was little. In contrast, those from the early ’80s were much more solid and sturdy.

6. Gears and Grief: Cars

Luxury Cars
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Some users believe in the past, one could quickly fix any issue related to cars by themselves. However, today, it’s as if one needs professional degrees in engineering and computer science, plus some high-end tools just to change a broken headlight.

7. Loafing Around: Bread

Woman Purchasing Bread
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There was a time when bread actually had high nutrition. It was made of natural ingredients, free of any additives. However, commercially produced bread contains preservatives and additives and is high in fat and sodium. Not to forget that the bleaching process further removes a good amount of nutrients. Guess it’s time to make your own home-baked bread!

8. McDonald’s Melted Memories: Hot Apple Pies

Mcdonald's Hot Apple Pies
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One saddened individual voices their concern over McDonald’s hot apple pies. “Such a shame,” they comment to show their disdain for the updated version of this once-delicious snack. Another says their favorite late-night snack used to be McFlurry stuffed with an apple pie, something they can sadly no longer enjoy.

9. The Test of Time: Houses

Glass House
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Houses built in recent times are not comparable to those from older times. Sure, the designs now may be more intricate and aesthetically pleasing, but they majorly lack when it comes to quality. Individuals living in newly built ones face issues every now and then. However, those inhabiting homes from the 1920s are quite content.

10. Fashion Fails: Clothes

Woman Wearing Designer Clothes
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In the world of fast fashion, where new designs come in and go out of trend quicker than the blink of an eye, cheapened quality has become an issue. One museum worker shares that the material, work, care, and longevity of clothes from the past are “fascinating,” whereas the modern standards are shocking. No wonder landfills are overflowing with dumps of used, unsustainable clothing items.

11. Threads & Needles: Sewing Machines

Singer Sewing Machine
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One avid sewer says they still have a working 1920s sewing machine that “just keeps going and going,” whereas their modern ones have already broken down. Those from before had metal parts that were built to last. They further share, “I know its quality when it sews chiffon to leather without missing a beat.”

12. Maze of Modern Entertainment: Streaming Services

Woman Seriously Watching Tv
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Streaming services have taken over the cinematic world. Now, people would rather lay in their beds, binging on snacks while enjoying the content on their laptops, than go to a cinema. Members share that there was a time when services such as Netflix and Hulu cost only a few bucks, but now the prices have gone up in exchange for low-quality, mass-produced media.

Source: Reddit

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