12 Important Life Skills That Can Be Mastered in Under a Minute

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For millions of people, the concept of improving their lives one minute at a time is intriguing. Thankfully, it’s easier than many think. There is good straightforward and timeless advice that can be applied almost immediately! Recently, savvy men and women met in an online discussion to reveal their simple life skills that people can use quickly and directly.

1. The Value of a Pause

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Whenever you apologize, think twice about saying the word “but.” Instead, use a pause! One expert puts it all into perspective. “Use a pause instead of ‘but’ while apologizing,” he directs. “After all, we all know whatever was said before the ‘but’ was a moral obligation. It also makes your apology sound artificial.”

2. Practice Mindfulness

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Mastering the ability to focus on your task at hand is imperative for healthy living. In other words, when you are doing something, do it! If you’re working, get lost in your work without any distractions. It may seem impossible, but practicing mindfulness is one of the most fulfilling life skills you can learn.

3. Cure In-Flight Ear Pain

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If you’ve ever experienced mid-flight ear pain, the following skill can mean the difference between a comfortable flight and an excruciating one! “Often, when you are on a flight, and the aircraft loses altitude, you experience a sharp pain in your ears,” one man explains. “The easiest way to overcome it, without any external help, is to block your nose with your fingers, close your mouth, and blow out hard.”

4. Toothpaste Replacement

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If you sometimes forget to brush your teeth before you leave your house, this life skill is invaluable: Bite into an apple if you’re ever worried about bad breath. According to countless people, apples are the next best thing to combating stinky breath, and in a pinch, nobody will even notice you forgot to brush!

5. Restaurant Safety

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Most people don’t realize that the menu is one of the dirtiest things you encounter when dining at a restaurant! So here’s an easy life skill to store away in your memory: Wash your hands after ordering your meal, and marvel at the fact that you will not get sick as much as you used to! (The little things matter most in life, after all!)

6. Learn Not to Cry

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Ugly criers, rejoice! “Next time you are about to cry, and you are too cool to cry anywhere but in your bathroom, try rubbing the roof of your mouth with your tongue,” advises one woman. “It confuses your brain, and you don’t tear up.” I can’t tell you how handy this tip will be during funerals and weddings.

7. Learn to Listen

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Although it may be hard to zip your mouth sometimes, many people profess the benefits of learning to listen. People who practice active listening without feeling the need to constantly interject in a conversation report being more respected by their peers and having a more positive outlook on life!

8. Protect Your Vision

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The ability to see is one of many things humans take for granted. Luckily, a simple skill exists to help prolong your eyesight over time. “Protect your vision using the 20-20-20 rule,” explains one expert. “For every 20 minutes, look at anything 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Your vision will thank you.”

9. Eat Watermelon Seeds

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I get it; seedless watermelons are vastly superior to seeded watermelons! Still, seeded watermelons have one highly beneficial advantage: Their seeds are very nutritional, so don’t stop eating them. Remember to break the seed’s outer shell and chew what’s inside because that’s where the nutritional value lies.

10. The Criticism Hamburger

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Public relations experts are near-unanimous in recommending the “criticism hamburger.” It’s an easy way to criticize someone without insulting them. “When you need to critique someone, whether it’s a colleague’s presentation or your child’s work of art, always start with a compliment, then mention your critique, then end on a positive note,” reveals one man.

11. Be Prepared

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Never underestimate the importance of being prepared in an emergency. Countless people recommend keeping a card in your wallet or purse containing your vital information. You’ll never know when a stranger will need to know your emergency contact information, blood type, or health insurance information.

12. Take Photos of Important Things

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Don’t shy away from taking photos of important things in your life. From business cards of the people you meet to your prescription medication labels — and everything in between — having a digital footprint of your most essential information can be handy in a pinch! You’re on your phone all the time anyway; you might as well make good use of it.

Source: Quora.

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