10 Welcomed Habits and Behaviors That Are Automatic Green Flags

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When it comes to any relationship, there will always be behaviors that are red or green flags to us. Red flags are harmful practices. But green flags are the things people do that make us look very favorably at someone. A popular forum discusses these types of behaviors that are undeniably positive.

1. Admitting When You’re Wrong

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Admitting you are wrong comes easy to some, while others find it difficult. Regardless of how simple it is to do so, the important takeaway from these situations is that you, or the other person, willingly acknowledge that what was done or said wasn’t right.

It could be as mundane as getting a fact wrong or a big mistake that caused pain or trauma. Whatever the transgression, admitting you’re wrong shows maturity and willingness to humble yourself.

2. Self-Awareness

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People who lack self-awareness are a big red flag for me, especially when their behavior shows tremendous hypocrisy. Unfortunately, in today’s social media society, this hypocrisy runs rampant. We see people claim to be kind but act intolerant.

I have much more respect for those who are already aware of their faults and flaws or become self-aware, realize their mistakes, and endeavor to make up for them and become better people.

3. Being Courteous and Kind to Service Workers

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Seeing how some treat service workers can instantly indicate what that person is truly like. Unless the worker is horribly rude or mean, there is no reason to be anything other than kind and courteous to people like wait staff, receptionists, baristas, hotel employees, and whatnot. I remember a nurse apologizing profusely about technical issues that caused a delay, and I assured her it was fine. She replied by saying most are not so understanding. Consequently, kind behavior becomes even more of a green flag because it’s much less common than it should be.

4. Understanding the Need for Alone Time

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Wanting to spend as much time with family, friends, partners, etc., is not unreasonable. But some need or value alone time for myriad reasons. Respecting that desire or requirement to have time for oneself is another green flag that shows maturity. The need for alone is not a slight against others. Knowing and acknowledging that is a good trait.

5. Putting Shopping Carts Back

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As someone who was taught to put shopping carts back, seeing this in others instantly elevates my perception of them. Some may ask why. For me, it’s two-fold.

One, it shows effort and a lack of laziness. Two, it’s a sign of respect and courtesy to the workers at the store. Retail is hard work, so why not help make it a bit easier with something that takes little effort on your part?

6. Sincere Apologies

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Apologizing is a green flag because it shows accountability. This act is more than admitting a mistake. When an apology is sincere, it shows respect and compassion, and even love to others. But the apology should be genuine and not the kind that makes excuses or partially places the blame on someone else. The type of apology that uses words such as “I’m sorry you feel that way or took it that way” lacks true sincerity.

7. Making Plans

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People who make that extra effort to make plans are much more attractive. It shows you are caring and proactive. Speaking from experience, those unwilling to make any effort or definitive plan is a sign of commitment issues. Making plans shows others that you, at the very least, care enough to want to do something with them.

8. Being Sweet to Animals and Children

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While not everyone is comfortable with children and animals, I always believe that seeing how people treat them is a tell-tale sign of their true nature. I will think highly of you if you are sweet and kind to kids and animals. For instance, seeing someone say, “Aww,” when they see a baby or puppy shows me they have a soft heart.

9. Putting Your Phone Down

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These days, it’s not uncommon to be very attached to your cell phone. While sometimes it’s necessary to have your phone on hand, more often, it’s a case where we compulsively pick up our phones and mindlessly scroll through social media.

I am guilty of this myself. But I try to put my phone down more often or even in the other room while eating or watching a movie to avoid temptation. Those who do the same show mindfulness and willingness to be present.

10. Being Happy For Other People’s Success

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Those who show genuine happiness for the success of others are A plus in my book. On the contrary, if the opposite happens, it is very telling. It could be a sign of jealousy and insecurity. The latter is understandable, but it’s never a good sign to show disdain for someone succeeding.

After all, their success does not reflect your successes or failures. If you find a friend or life partner who can be happy for your or others’ triumphs, you know you’ve found someone who isn’t egotistical or narcissistic at all.

Source: Reddit

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