10 Popular Things You Didn’t Realize Are Actually Fake

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Nowadays, people’s basis of truth about something is how much it is being advertised. But hype does not translate to facts. Here are 10 trending things that an online skeptics group find to be either misleading or downright scams.

1. Detox Treatments

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Detox regimens claim to rid the body of impurities and toxins, but bodily organs like the liver already do that. One member of the forum writes, “You likely don’t have heavy metals or parasites in your body. If you do, there’s not a dietary supplement that can treat you.” Detox treatments aren’t backed up by scientific or medical evidence.

2. Non-electronic Apple Products

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It’s no secret that Apple makes some of the highest quality and most sought-after electronic gadgets. Their iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, AirPods, and watches are famous worldwide. They’re also some of the most expensive products in the market. Apple also sells pricey non-electronic accessories, like their device polishing cloth, which sells for around $20, or a $349 Hermès AirTag key ring.

3. Celebrity News

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Celebrities are all about public relations. As a participant in the discussion describes, they curate everything publicly released about their lives, from who they’re seen having dinner with to who they’re supposedly feuding with. Their branding and image are something they carefully cultivate, so celebrity news is much different from actual news. It’s what they want the public to know about them.

4. Influencers

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While many adults aren’t impressed by internet influencers and can’t differentiate one so-called influencer from the next, adolescents and teens tend to fall under their sway. Some of the most popular influencers are all styles and very little substance. Younger folks must realize that influencers aren’t who they project themselves to be online.

5. Hollywood Beauty Standards

Plastic Surgery
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One of the more toxic elements of Hollywood stardom is the unrealistic standards of beauty that are being perpetuated. To achieve those near-perfect looks, it’s common for celebrities to have cosmetic surgery to obtain a particular image. The rest of them use Photoshop. Either way, it’s not real.

6. Branding on Clothing

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Those expensive shirts with the designer’s name in giant letters or emblazoned with a logo are more than just a fashion statement. Someone asserts that the wearer is paying for the privilege of being a walking advertisement for the designer. Another person remarks it’s also about the wearer showing they’re part of an exclusive group.

7. The Weight Loss Industry

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The weight loss industry is full of charlatans peddling useless and sometimes dangerous fads aimed at people trying to lose weight. “Eliminating entire food groups or drinking magical weight loss potions is not sustainable and will lead to failure,” a user on the thread warns. Forget the fad diets and seek help from trained experts on safe, effective weight loss methods.

8. Multi-Level Marketing Companies (Mlms)

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These companies operate using a business model shaped like a pyramid. The people at the bottom of the pyramid do the most selling of a product but receive negligible profits. Conversely, those who occupy the top of the pyramid profit most from all the sellers at the bottom. That’s why they’re called pyramid schemes.

9. Salt Lamps

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These decorative lighting devices made of Himalayan pink salt are pretty, but that’s all there is to them. Contrary to popular belief, owning salt lamps has no health or curative benefits. If anything, they can be a hazard to young children and pets because they can cause salt poisoning if they’re licked.

10. Skin Bleaching Creams

Bleaching Creams
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These creams, also marketed as whiteners, skin lighteners, fade creams, and skin brighteners, play on people’s insecurities about their skin tone. They promise to make a person’s skin shades lighter with regular use. Many of these products contain higher than acceptable levels of mercury, which can cause major health problems in users. Plus, many of them don’t work.

Source: Reddit

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