10 Normal Things That People Want to Change if Given the Power

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Did you ever get so frustrated with societal norms that you wished you were president just so you can change the way things are? If you have, you’re not alone. Being in power can make such an impact to society. But we unfortunately see the changes that we need to happen. A group of people on an online forum discussed 10 things that society has normalized but need to be abolished.

1. The 40-Hour Workweek

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Let’s be honest; nobody likes working five days a week. Countless people agree: Moving to a 32-hour — or four-day workweek — is much more palatable in modern society. Imagine how happy everyone would be if we all had Fridays off!

2. Excessive Bonuses for Executives

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It’s a tale as old as time: Giant corporations giving out massive executive bonuses annually as the men and women working on the front line make borderline minimum wage. Making excessive executive bonuses illegal would go a long way toward leveling the playing field in corporate America.

3. The Wealthy Being Able to Escape Consequences

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It’s sad, but the more well-connected and wealthy you are, the more likely you’ll escape severe legal consequences. Many men and women declare they would immediately tweak the American judicial system so no favoritism would be in play, finally heralding an age where all men and women — regardless of social status — are held to the same standards.

4. Judging People’s Interests Based on Age

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One specific person — who definitely doesn’t suffer from Peter Pan syndrome — would do away with society judging people’s interests. “If I want to wear solid black my whole life, buy toys that look fun, and watch cartoons, I should be allowed with no judgment just because I’m not 18 anymore,” he explains. “It’s ridiculous to think once you become an adult, you are only allowed to like adult things.”

5. Media Not Being Held Liable for Lies

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the American public knew that everything they heard and saw on news outlets was the absolute truth? Many people would hold the media responsible for lying. “I’d outlaw allowing media personalities — all types — to get away with stating false things and not being held accountable legally and fiscally,” one woman reveals.

6. Elderly People Able to Hold High Office

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The median age of the United States Congress is nearly 60 years old, which many feel is too old to be in a position of power. Is this a bad thing? Let me put it this way: My father is 68 years old and still has no idea what Twitter is, even though I’ve explained it to him a thousand times. He shouldn’t be in charge of running the country — and neither should his fellow senior citizens!

7. Gender Reveals

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For the last decade, instead of simply announcing their unborn child’s gender to family and friends, soon-to-be parents make an extravagant event out of their baby’s gender reveal. This new normal is off-putting at best and selfish at worst — countless people say they would ban this practice.

8. Indoctrinating Children Into Religion

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As someone pushed kicking and screaming into Catholicism, I can relate to this norm that many feel should be abolished. “No child should be indoctrinated into any religion,” explains one man who isn’t me. “Children should remain a religion-free zone until they come of age and can make an informed choice on which, if any, religion they want to join.”

9. Handshakes

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Although we are predominantly a society that respects personal space, the handshake is a social norm many would eliminate if given the power. “Kind of a trivial one compared to some of the other answers here, but I just don’t like touching strangers, and I hate that it didn’t go away permanently after the pandemic.”

10. How Drinking Alcohol Is Normalized

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The pressure to drink alcohol socially is introduced into our lives at an early age, and many people want to see this tradition go away for good. But, like it or not, there’s a stigma attached to not drinking alcohol in 2023. “It’s seen as weird if you don’t drink or don’t want to drink at a specific event,” laments one man. “I hate explaining why something is or is not in my glass.”

Source: Reddit.

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