10 Seemingly “Normal” Things From Society That People Voted Strange


Have you ever questioned some acts others see as normal and thought you were insane to think differently? No, you’re not — it turns out you’re not alone. There are so many things that are strange that society considers normal. Here are a few if you’re curious — and you should be.

1. Celebrity Worship

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Imagine sharing a meal with Rihanna; imagine being in the same room with Jay Z. Something about celebrities, from their lavish lifestyles to their unique personalities, captivates us. But for some, it gets too far as they develop an unhealthy obsession with their favorite stars. There’s nothing wrong with admiring someone, but worshiping a fellow human is unhealthy. Someone shares that they were obsessed with celebrity gossip as a teen and in their early 20s. Then they realized it was all marketing — all manipulative stories to interest you.

2. Skin Lightening Creams

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“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” We bet it would hurt if your mirror could respond and didn’t say your name. Cosmetologists know the pain of not being the “fairest of them all” and have formulated products that promise to make your skin tone fairer. But at what cost? Because, like in every fairytale, there’s always a price to pay. Many of these lightning creams contain chemicals that can damage your skin. Folks consider it alarming — strange — that people still buy into this concept of beauty.

3. Makeup

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Makeup has existed for thousands of years and for good reasons. Still, for some, makeup has become a necessity rather than a choice. Many people feel pressure to look a certain way. Makeup has been so embedded into our society that some people cannot do without it. Still, it is worth remembering that beauty comes from within, and we should embrace our natural features.

4. Lawn Care

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Lawn care is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful home. However, can we all agree that noise and chemicals can be insufferable? Maintaining a perfectly manicured lawn requires significant water, a precious resource in many parts of the world. Getting landscaping practices that preserve the environment and promote biodiversity is a good alternative.

5. Golf

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Golf has been a popular sport, especially among “fat cats” with no other significant hobbies. In addition, many people associate golf with wealth, with memberships and fees costing thousands of dollars. But golf courses can also have a significant environmental impact beyond the cost. This is because large amounts of water and chemicals are used to maintain these golf courses.

6. Childbirth

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Giving birth may be as old as time, but have you ever considered how strange it is to create a human being? You’re bringing someone into the world who will have their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The craziest part is that you do not know what they will become when they grow, but at least you get to pass on your glorious genes.

7. Tanning

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The fact that people want to risk skin cancer for the chance to change their skin tone is a strange thing.

8. Long, Fake Nails

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The trend of long, fake nails has taken the beauty industry by storm, with celebrities like Cardi B leading the movement. But some people find this trend bizarre. While enhancing one’s natural beauty is not new, the extreme lengths (pun intended) people go to for the sake of fashion can be alarming. The impracticality of these lengthy, fake nails can make everyday tasks difficult, leaving some to wonder why anyone would subject themselves to such inconvenience for aesthetics.

9. Overpaying For Brand Names

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The allure of designer clothing and luxury brands like Gucci is undeniable. However, some people voted this strange, questioning why anyone would willingly pay exorbitant prices for clothes that are essentially the same as non-branded items. While the quality and design of designer clothing may be superior, the steep price tags can seem unnecessary and frivolous.

10. Cheek Kisses

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Kissing on the cheek is a common way to greet someone or show affection. However, some people don’t agree as they see kissing on the cheek as a “weird” way of greeting or showing affection. You’re putting your face right up against someone else’s and making a kissing sound. And what if they have a cold sore or bad breath? Gross! Also, the whole “Which side do you kiss first” thing can be confusing and awkward. Can’t we stick to high-fives and fist bumps?

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