10 Sayings That Make Sense Only Now That You’re an Adult

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When adults pass on words of wisdom to kids, they come from life experience. And kids usually don’t understand it until they become grown-ups themselves. Here are 10 common things that only make sense for mature people.

1. “The Days Are Long, but the Years Are Short.”

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Many people share this age-old idiom that feels undeniably true: “Time passes faster the older you get.” As children, we hear this and usually don’t believe it because time feels slow and endless. After all, how many kids will ask, “Are we there yet?” after only 20 minutes? But time feels like it’s slipping away when you are older.

2. “We Have Food at Home.”

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It’s not uncommon to want to eat out. As adults, we still love to indulge. But this can be very pricy, especially for families. So it’s common for your parents to say, “We have food at home” when asking to eat at a restaurant. Unless you never go grocery shopping, there is food at home. And it’s much more affordable to prepare your own meals.

3. “Don’t Be in a Hurry to Get Older.”

Woman Saying No So many kids are in a hurry to grow up. It’s often because they can’t do everything adults can and desperately want to. So hearing that we shouldn’t be in a hurry feels stifling and annoying. Only when we reach adulthood do we realize how short and precious childhood is.

4. “The Importance of Good Posture.”

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I didn’t hear this one growing up, but I can imagine the frustration. As a kid, it could feel too demanding. Flash forward to adulthood, and you realize that good posture is imperative to your physical health. As someone with back pain, I wish I had heard this more as a child.

5. “Manners Matter.”

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When we think of adults telling kids to be polite and have good manners, sometimes we picture an overbearing parent who rules their home coldly. However, it’s not always the case. Adults often try to implore the importance of manners for good social skills. Kids may scoff at it but realize their parents and adult figures were correct. One acknowledges, “I’m so grateful for my parents and godmother for teaching me manners, [such as] making eye contact and smiling. I think a large part of my professional success is being polite, mindful, and courteous.”

6. “Know Your Audience.”

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“Know your audience” may sound silly and unimportant when we’re children. But as adults, we realize how imperative this concept is to interact with others. Whatever the subject, your audience matters because not everyone will understand or be open-minded. It’s very close to a rule of thinking I live by when hearing any information- consider the source.

7. “Always Be Prepared.”

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“Always be prepared” isn’t just the motto of scout troops. It’s also something we have drilled into our minds as kids. It doesn’t always feel important then because we’re taken care of. But as an adult, it’s up to you to take care of yourself and potentially others. Always being prepared is a broad statement. It could be anything from buying more than you need to or having kits in your home for emergencies. In my case, I like to be prepared for all contingencies when going out and aim to be like Mary Poppins with my purse. Someone mentions their father’s advice: “Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” In my life, I’ve found this to be true.

8. “Take a Jacket With You, When You Go Out!”

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Kids often get annoyed when adults remind them to bring a jacket or sweater when leaving the house. My mom told me she was upset one Halloween when her mother made her wear a sweater over her costume. That’s not fun. But generally speaking, this advice is sage, with people sometimes learning the hard way. One user shares, “I didn’t take a jacket. I was cold. Now I won’t leave the house if I have nothing warm with me!” I know I’ve become the person who makes sure everyone, not just kids, doesn’t forget these garments just in case it gets cold.

9. “Get Enough Sleep.”

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Why do kids often fight sleep? I don’t understand it personally but I have constantly heard about and witnessed it. Kids get angry and think they’re missing the fun and don’t want to hear, “You’ll miss nap time when you’re older.” But it’s true. I love sleep. If I can take a nap, that’s a great day.

10. “Practice Makes Perfect.”

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As a kid, I was always upset when I could not do something well instantly. I’ve realized I’m not the only child who ever felt this way. It’s why we don’t want to hear how practice makes perfect. But as we grow and mature, we soon realize that skills must be learned and practiced. One contributor notes what they heard as a child- “Don’t be easily defeated when you try something new. You’ll never be great at something on the first try. It takes serious dedication to become an expert on anything.” Source: Reddit

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