10 of the Dumbest Things People Actually Believed When They Were Kids

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Children say the darndest things mainly because they believe the darndest things. But what are some of the most ridiculous things people thought as children? That’s what someone asks of an online forum; the responses are as hilarious as they are adorable.

1. The World Used to Be Black and White

Woman Asking What Several people say that as children who watched old TV and movies presented in black and white, they figured that the world used to be black and white. Some people even recall asking their parents, “When did the world turn to color?”

2. Seeds Will Grow In Your Stomach

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Many people believed that any seeds swallowed, whether watermelon, sunflower, or anything in between, the plant would grow in their stomachs. One person says, “I was terrified … I begged my mom to buy seedless watermelons only because it wasn’t worth the risk.”

3. Girls Don’t Poop

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One person says that as a young boy, they thought girls didn’t poop, and the fairer sex didn’t engage in such filthy behavior. It gets even funnier when they say their sister sometimes forgot to lush. But instead of connecting the dots, they imagined a mysterious man sneaking into their home and leaving their waste behind in the kids’ bathroom.

4. Other People Play Video Game Non-Player Characters

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A somewhat surprising number of people say that they thought other people played the non-player characters in video games. Some believed that the game creators played, and others thought that there were professional gamers whose job was to play as all of the characters in the game that the player didn’t control.

5. “Getting Fired” Means Getting Set On Fire

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Some kids seriously feared for their family members when they were told that their dad or aunt “might get fired.” It wasn’t a financial concern, but they thought that “getting fired” meant being set on fire by your employers.

6. You Can’t Drink (Anything) While Driving

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Some well-behaved children thought you couldn’t drink water, soda, coffee, or anything else while driving because they heard the instructions “Don’t drink and drive.” One says they remember “giving my mom side-eye all day over her cup of water in the cup holder.”

7. “Melancholy” Is a Melon Shaped Collie Dog

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One of a child’s more creative and unique beliefs, one person says that when they first heard someone say “melancholy,” they immediately pictured a collie dog shaped like a cantaloupe.

8. All Cats Are Girls, All Dogs Are Boys

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Some people say that as kids, they believed all cats were girls and all boys were dogs. Some say that they went one step further in their logic and thought these animals were the same species mated together, and litters were split into female kittens and male puppies. 

9. Alaska Is Right Next to Hawaii in the Pacific

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Several young students of geography took their maps of the United States at face value. They believed that both Hawaii and Alaska were located in the Pacific Ocean, just off the southern coast of California.

10. That Adults Knew What They Were Doing

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One person makes the equally hilarious, sad, and maybe a bit angry acknowledgment that as a child, they believed that adults knew what they were doing but that growing up has proved that no one, no matter their age, is just trying to figure things out. This thread inspired this post. 

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