10 Least Attractive Things a Woman Can Do on a First Date According to Men

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Most people are nervous on their first date and tend to put their best foot forward. After all, it could be a make or break for a relationship to move forward. But in most cases, people don’t like what they find out about the other person. Men on the internet seem to agree that these ten things women do are the ultimate turn-offs for them during a first date.

1. Bragging About Guys Hitting on Her

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Is this meant to make men think they’re getting a catch? One person said they’d dated a girl who “every single time we went out brought up other guys finding her attractive or coming on to her.” No one is impressed.

2. Asking for Kids

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It’s a first date! Yes, you may feel like you don’t have time left in your biological clock, but this doesn’t get you there any faster. Someone curious why his very attractive friend never got a second date invited her out for drinks with friends and quickly learned why that was the case. She told a group of guys we were talking to, ‘Who here wants to give me two kids in the next three years?’ I have never seen men scatter so quickly.”

3. Ordering Excessive Food

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WHOA! A guy going on a first date with a girl with crazy expectations explains she ordered three meals. One for her now, which she barely touched, one to take home for her mother, and one to eat with her mother so her mother wasn’t eating alone, and she expected him to pay for all of it.

4. Treat the Serving Staff Badly

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Some people believe a show of arrogance makes them seem confident. “My biggest pet peeve is when people are rude to waitstaff, as others have already said, so that would definitely be an instant dealbreaker,” said one person on the dating scene.

5. To Act Uninterested

Yes, checking our phones nowadays is a norm, but being on it more than necessary during a date is a red flag. Also, when they don’t “engage in conversation,” suggested one commenter or “One-word answers,” said another.

6. Decides She Doesn’t Like Your Name

Imagine agreeing to date someone and then deciding that you don’t like their name. So would it be acceptable to spend the time coming up with a new one? Ah, no. As one responder said, “Wow! Did that happen to you? I can’t even imagine doing that to someone.”

7. Bringing Friends

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You think you’ve been clear that you’re going on a romantic date, and without warning, she brings a friend along. “I had this happen on a first date,” admitted someone. “I was taking her to see Titanic, and she brought her friend who did NOT like me.”

8. Racism

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“Racist comments would be a dealbreaker,” said one person. Yeah, you would think that would be a dealbreaker for everyone, but racists probably enjoy and seek the company of other racists.

9. Not Show Up

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We get it; you’re anxious, you’ve changed your mind, or perhaps there’s been a family emergency. But not showing up and having no communication to say why is rude.

10. Talk About the Ex

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One person quoted “Scott Pilgrim” and said, “Yeah, but if you have to fight seven of them, at least she gave you a heads-up about it.” Another suggested, “Run if a girl discusses this on the first date. It’s a waste of your time.”

Source: Reddit

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