10 Unique Hobbies That Can Make You Smarter

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Let’s be honest: Everyone would love to be more intelligent. Not many people know how to accomplish that goal without cracking open textbooks like it’s college all over again! Fortunately, becoming smarter is easier than you think. Recently, men and women met in an online discussion. They reveal the specific hobbies that will make you more intelligent.

1. Playing an Instrument

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You’ve heard it here first: Playing an instrument is scientifically proven to increase your brain capacity! In fact, the benefits are near-endless. “Music is not only enjoyable but also beneficial for your brain,” reveals one musician. “Playing an instrument can enhance your cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory, and executive functions. It can also reduce stress and improve your mood. Plus, you get to express yourself and learn new skills.”

2. Reading

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Of all hobbies in the world, reading is the most popular choice to improve your intelligence. Experts agree that reading anything (well, maybe not endless social media posts) is better than reading nothing at all! Some people point to encountering unfamiliar words and learning their definitions as a straightforward way to get smarter over time.

3. Journaling

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The value of daily journaling is straightforward: If you don’t chronicle your choices and experiences, it is impossible to improve your life! Journaling aims to enable people to become keenly aware of what happens around them. “I have journaled every day for the past year, and every day I keep improving on the things that I wish to change,” confesses one woman. “There are always bad and good things that happen, but unless we become aware of what they are, we will not be able to change them.”

4. Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

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People who boast high levels of intelligence have one thing in common: The ability to focus. Solving jigsaw puzzles is one of the best ways to focus on a task at hand and come up with ways to tackle a problem. There’s a reason why 10,000-piece puzzles warn of “high difficulty;” only smart people can solve them!

5. Playing a Sport

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Interestingly enough, many people swear by the mental benefits of playing sports. After all, the more a person understands their body and its limitations, the more intelligent they are! “Some form of a physical hobby is always great, especially if it engages all of your body and is competitive because that pushes you to grow and learn more about this machine you are operating 24/7,” explains one man.

6. Creative Writing

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One of the best exercises to bolster your intelligence is creative writing. Creative writing is strongly correlated to intelligence, whether it’s writing short stories or scripts or simply putting your stream-of-consciousness thoughts down to paper. The ability to create something out of thin air is one of the hallmarks of brilliant people.

7. Learning a New Language

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Unsurprisingly, learning a new language is one of the best hobbies due to its high difficulty level. Ask around; arguably, nothing is more impressive than meeting someone who can speak multiple languages! When you learn a new language, you’re expanding your mind in the best way. Granted, it’s exceedingly difficult, but people are near-unanimous in declaring that learning a new language is an invaluable hobby.

8. Watching Specific Documentaries

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In 2023, television feels like an endless stream of reality television shows, news programs, and sporting events, but luckily, there is a hidden gem at your disposal: documentaries. Watching any documentary focusing on the ancient world or American history is one of the most straightforward ways to become smarter. You’d be amazed at the knowledge you receive after just a few hours of watching a quality documentary.

9. Listening to Podcasts

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Practicing active listening while going about your day is one of the most efficient ways to increase your intelligence. “As you keep moving from place to place every day, why not take control over the input of information during this time?” one woman asks. “Choose podcasts that feed your imagination, suggest ways to improve your daily life, and give practical tips on managing your time, your career, and your personal goals.”

10. Going on Long Walks

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Countless people swear by the therapeutic value of a long walk. It allows you to have a real-time conversation out loud with yourself and gives you the space needed to analyze situations outside of your usual environment. In addition, a little bit of introspection never hurts anybody, and during a long walk is the perfect time to do it.

Source: Quora.

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