10 Big Things in Society People Refuse to Believe Anybody Really Likes

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We all have guilty pleasures, but societal trends can be grating. There is a huge, imposing world of things we love mixed with those we don’t. While some tolerate things irritating us, others are less optimistic.

In a recent post, someone asked, “What’s something that is wildly popular that you dislike and refuse to believe people like it?” Here are some takeaways.

1. Most Reality TV

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Let’s kick things off with something we have been exposed to for many years now: reality TV — though not all reality TV. The version I dislike is where they get regular people to ‘act’ normal. The only problem is that Regular Joes make terrible actors — even when playing themselves.

2. Team-Building Events

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Ever found yourself face-to-face in a raft-building contest with Patty from accounting? Then you join millions of employees every year, forced into bonding with other staff members, usually in some conference center in the countryside. “Our work started calling it ‘funishment,'” shares one nonplussed employee. I can’t think of a better insult to this Darwinian, humiliating charade!

3. Human Talons

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“Super long point fake nails,” begins the next thread. While everyone is entitled to decorate themselves as they wish, is having “human talons” even practical? A humorous follow-up involves a co-worker’s friend explaining the appeal to one contributor. “She said it’s a sign of being a queen: that someone is taking care of you and that you don’t have to do anything.” Ironically, they were both on a 13-hour shift.

4. Pop Country Music

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Commercialism supersedes all great art eventually, and now country music has gone into the mainstream like all the other musical genres. “You mean to say Farm Emo,” jokes another non-fan. Modern country music kind of all sounds the same to many music lovers. “Call it whatever you want, it sucks” is another critical take.

5. Public TikTok Dances

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Those doing the dances must enjoy this modern phenomenon, though spare a thought for the rest of us. “I love interrupting them by ‘accident,'” a naughty office employee shares. “They often do them in my workplace, and I can’t help myself.” If you think TikTocking has gone too far, look no further than a recent article recommending “5 TikTok dances you can do to help Ukraine fight Russia.” Come on, now.

6. Mumble Rap

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“Mumble rap,” posts another thread member. This hip-hop genre appeared on our radars with the advent of SoundCloud, though it is a misnomer. I am not privy to this new phenomenon. Upon closer inspection, there is very little mumbling going on. I found the gentleman rapping about his crew and their subsequent delinquent plans quite audible.

7. Politicians

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Some of us are political hawks, feasting on the tidbits of current affairs and Capitol Hill gossip making the rounds. However, the rest of society’s belief in politicians is waning. “But if a guy I think is on my side says something bad about the other team,” says an observer mockingly, “it can only be pure truth!”

Curiously, opposing political firebrands Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Matt Gaetz are recently proposed bilateral legislation to end politicians’ stock trading.

8. Social Media

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“I’m just gonna add all social media,” says someone who has grown tired of Silicone Valley’s influence on our lives. “The amount of toxic stuff and misinformation on those things is immeasurable.” Others lament how “influencers” affect everyday society — especially their kids. “Thank you!” a worried parent replies. “Who in the heck watches these people?”

9. Indian Pale Ale (Ipa)

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“I tend to like bitter tastes,” comments a craft beer lover, “and that (IPA) still tastes like someone liquefied a tire and poured it into a glass.” So, this person doesn’t like IPA, but many of us do — I love it myself. So, I will agree to disagree with this unenlightened individual but defend their right to be wrong.

10. Lima Beans

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“Lima beans” is our final contributor’s obsolete entry. “Who decided they were even edible?” I am on the fence with this one. I don’t feel any legume or pulse tastes nice alone, but with a strong base stock and the right spices, you can work magic with the humble bean.

Do you have something to add to this list?

This thread inspired this post.

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