14 Craziest Reasons People Got Fired From Their Jobs

Used Forklift to Lift Car


He ‘picks up his car with a forklift and stands beneath it to see what was rattling when he drove.’

Stole the Boss’ Ruler


Stealing the boss’ ruler (the one with clear markings) and insisting it is yours will also get you fired.

Used Company Tablet to Look for Hookups


One retail store employee got fired for ‘using the company iPad to go on Craigslist and search for hookups.’

Wanted to Take Home a Co-worker’s Baby


Newborn babies smell nice and are cuddly and warm; we just want to hold them. And sometimes take them home.

Imprinted Face on a Tube of Ice Cream


He cracked the lid of an ice cream tub, imprinted his face in it and managed to get the lid back on tight enough for no one to notice.”

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