Best Books for a 1-Year-Old

Best Books For A 1 Year Old

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your child’s library or looking for a gift for a friend’s baby, we’re here to help you find a book for a 1-year-old. There are a lot of baby books available so it can be challenging to find great books. We have collected a list of the … Read more

Motivational Quotes for Kids

Motivational Quotes For Kids

Motivational quotes for kids are unique in that they are to the point and more likely to resonate with the younger crowd than a long, wordy quote. Kids enjoy quotes that are direct and to the point, which is what you will find in this list. There are inspiring quotes for kids from famous actors, … Read more

What Is the Tooth Fairy and Other Tooth Fairy Questions

What Is The Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is one of the most cherished yet never seen visitors children await. The child puts his tooth under a pillow before sleeping and awakens to a surprise in the morning, usually a small amount of change. While the money is quickly spent, the memory is usually cherished, at least until the child … Read more

115 Questions to Ask Kids

100+ Questions To Ask Kids

Kids love to ask adults questions every day. Sometimes they could ask 50 or more questions per day. Challenge their mind and help them develop by asking children questions, too! Here are 115 questions that you can ask your kids ranging from general to silly and questions to ask children of different ages. All of … Read more

15 Common Questions Kids Ask

Questions kids ask

Kids are little geniuses. They absorb every little thing around them which means they ask a lot of questions. You might start to feel like a search engine as you struggle to answer the endless questions. Good news for you, we have 12 of the most common questions kids ask and how to answer the … Read more