15 Unspoken Rules That Some People Don’t Understand

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Some social rules are obvious, while others are not. Some people understand them, while others do not. For those who don’t know these rules, here are some unspoken rules that not everyone understands.

Stay Out of Other People’s Personal Space; Don’t Stand Too Close to People

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You would think we would have learned this better since 2020, but people still need to be reminded not to stand too close. One commenter said that they don’t like when “people stand to close in line at the bank, store, etc.”

Do Not Make Fun of a Guy Whose Kids Are Around

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This is especially true in the workplace. If one of your employees has their kids around, don’t start yelling at or teasing them. It doesn’t set a good example for the kids and just embarrasses your employee. One Redditor said, “Like if a boss ever comes over and reams you out while your kids are around, you just quit.”

Stand Up to Shake Someone’s Hand and Look Them in the Eye

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This one is about respect. By standing, you show the other person that you respect them and are willing to stand at the same level. You should also wait for someone to stand fully before shaking their hand if you are the one standing.

You Can’t Reserve an Empty Parking Spot by Standing in It

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Some people stand in parking spots to reserve them for their friends or partners. Others put trash cans in them. Either way, it’s not nice, according to Redditor LetItDoTheThang. This rule goes out the window if you were the one who removed snow from the parking spot.

Leave a Urinal Gap

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This one is for the men reading this. It’s just weird if you won’t.

Say Thank You With a Hand Gesture When I Let You Merge

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Common courtesy when someone does something nice for you is to say thank you. when driving, do this with a wave.

Don’t Ever Ask a Woman if She’s Pregnant Unless You Are Absolutely Positive She Is

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If you’re wrong, it could be very awkward.

Don’t Compliment Someone on What They’re Wearing Unless You Really Mean It

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For one, you come off like a “Mean Girl.” For another, you may be asked if you want to wear it or be told where to buy it.

Turn Your Ringer off When in a Private Setting

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Nothing says Baby Boomer like a ringtone these days. If you don’t always keep your phone on vibrate or silent, at least do it when in public spaces like waiting rooms, lobbies, or airplanes.

Make Eye Contact When Making a Conversation

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It shows that you respect them and are actively listening to them. Staring at your phone or off in the distance might seem like you’re not paying attention to the conversation.

Don’t Cut People off While They’re Talking

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Another conversation tip is not to cut people off while they’re talking. Listen to their entire thoughts just as you would like them to listen to your entire thoughts.

(For Men) Don’t Initiate Any Interaction With Women Strangers for Any Reason

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In a world where stranger danger is real, one Redditor says that you should only respond if they have initiated interaction with you and only help them if they have asked for it.

Hang Out With Friends if You Want to Keep Them

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One poster said that as you age, you lose touch with friends, especially if you decline invitations. Accept more invitations regularly as you get older so that those relationships stay strong.

Don’t Compliment Someone on What They’re Wearing Unless You Really Mean It

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First of all, it is petty. Second, they may end up wearing that outfit all the time.

Turn Your Phone Ringer off When in a Private Setting

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Put that phone on vibrate or silent so you don’t disturb others.

This post was inspired by this Reddit thread.

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