10 Pieces of Dating Wisdom from Men about Women

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Relationship advice found online is consistently intriguing despite the availability of internet dating advice. This is especially true when the topic is women because one popular online forum where advice was found is overwhelmingly male. We stumbled across a Reddit thread that gave sage dating counsel to a male dater. The core idea of what they said is presented here.

Trust Actions, Not Words

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The most upvoted response was actually some really good advice. Never trust what a person says. Instead, watch what they do.

If She Can’t Look Away From Her Phone for More Than 5 Minutes Just Leave the Date

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Again, sage advice. If a girl is too self-involved or unwilling to give you attention during the date, it might not be worth staying. This can be a leading indicator to a relationship down the road.

If You Wouldn’t Tolerate It From a Friend, Don’t Tolerate It From a Partner

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This is valid cautionary advice about being too desperate that you are willing to accept abuse.

Accept the Actuality of Who They Are Today

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People do change, but by a certain age, people are pretty set in their ways. Understand who they are now and “don’t date potential” or try to change your partner. It’s more likely that they will change in ways that you don’t expect.

Avoid Financial Entanglements

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Unless you are ready for marriage and kids, try to keep your finances separate. Pay rent separately, occasionally pay for meals, but you should not be relying on each other for financial support unless you are serious.

Be Aware That Your Relationship Is Influenced by Hormones Until About 6 Months

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It’s hard to be objective about a relationship when your hormones are raging. Usually, the first part of a relationship is primarily driven by physical attractions, and the emotional stuff happens later. According to one Redditor, “Love doesn’t happen in months, it happens in years.”

Don’t Put Women on a Pedestal

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One Redditor said, “Women are just as horrible and awful as men.” Even if you’re desperate, try not to do anything stupid just because a woman gives you attention. Another Redditor replied saying “she won’t respect you for being a doormat, even if you’re a doormat for her.”

Make Sure You Find One That Has Dreams That Line up With Your Own. Otherwise, She’ll Crush Yours and You’ll Be Living Hers

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Make sure that you retain your own identity. Don’t just let a woman mold your identity for you. You will probably regret it in your later years.

A Lot of Self-Proclaimed Feminist Women Still Absolutely Value Traditionally Masculine Traits in Men They Date

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Similar to the first point of trust actions, not words, a lot of women may still prefer masculine traits even if they say otherwise.

“When You Go on Dates, You’re Dating Their Sales Representative”

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Women aren’t going to put their true selves forward for the first few dates. It might even take several months or years for their true selves to materialize.

This article was inspired by this Reddit post.

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