10 Great Things About Being Single

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Every element of life has advantages and disadvantages, even being single. Unquestionably, when people are overloaded with gifts, roses, and lavish dates on Valentine’s Day, the “Valentine blues,” or a sensation of sadness, may come in. But it’s crucial to acknowledge the advantages of being single. Ten people all agree on the benefits of being single in this aspect.

1 – Leaving Family Functions on Your Terms

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Who’s there to hold you back? Everyone has been to one of those family functions that make you want to scratch out your eyes or bang your head against the wall. For some people, something or someone holds them back each time they want to leave one of these gatherings. How cool would it be to say goodbye and be gone when you decide to?

2 Never Having to Answer to Anyone

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Everyone dreams of the day they no longer have anyone to answer to. For some, this day comes as they become full adults, move out of their parent’s house, or graduate college. For others, this day never comes as they enter relationships. There are no two ways about it. Even if your partner is not controlling, you put them first because you care about them. When single, one gets to enjoy that “freedom.”

3Eating What You Want 

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Remember when you could cook and eat what you wanted without considering what another person wanted? That’s one upside of being single. 

4Peace and Quiet

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“Peace and quiet” is essential to becoming one’s best self. Some people spend all day talking to others or listening to others talk about their troubles. When they get home, they hardly want to speak to anyone else. People in relationships are rarely afforded this option. As a result, one may feel guilty not talking to the other, even though they would value some quiet. 

5Not Living in Fear

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A person shares that being single means they do not fear getting their heart broken or their partner cheating on them or anything of the sort.  There’s almost nothing as painful as heartbreak, so not living in fear of one is a good thing. But as Ed Sheeran says, “A heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved.”

6 – Not Being Subject to Someone Else’s Emotional State

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When a person is angry or frustrated or feeling some way, there is a tendency they are going to transfer aggression to the next person, which often is their partner. Asides from this, they may shut down or act differently based on their mood, and their partner has to deal with this. Single people are glad they don’t have to deal with the drama. 

7 – No Unnecessary Expenses

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Not having to buy expensive gifts, take someone out for dinner, or impress them is a huge blessing to your bank account. Having and keeping a relationship can be costly, and most people are not ready to deal with this. 

8 – Not Walking On Eggshells

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Imagine not having to sugarcoat your words to anyone, scared they might misinterpret them. One person shares how they had to walk on eggshells with their ex because she was easily triggered. To this person’s ex, a simple “that’s not my kind of music” translated to “you have crappy taste in music” in her mind, and she would shut them out for days. Who wants to deal with that constantly?

9 – You Put Yourself First

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Putting yourself first is very important; we are the architects and main characters of our lives. Fortunately, not constantly thinking of someone else helps one prioritize themselves better. However, someone counters this: “The right person will want you to put yourself first. That’s what real love is.”

10 – Everything Is Exactly as You Left

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To some people, this does not matter. To others, they must meet their things as they left them, from dishes to clothes to shoes. They are particular about how they placed these things and want nothing changed or moved to a different position. A single person who lives alone never has to worry about this. 

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