10 Double Standards: Behaviors Seen as Okay for Men But Not Women

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Preconceptions and discrimination against women are pervasive daily. These could be dangerous, embarrassing, or both. Here are a few of the most prevalent instances, according to an online forum.

1. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Women tend to get uninvited comments on their bodies. One person shares how body hair growth is perfectly okay for men but a problem for women. So, for the millionth time, let this be a reminder that body hair is NOT gross!

2. Dad’s Duty or Mom’s Job?

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  Perceptions around parenting are highly gendered. Someone proves this point by mentioning how fathers are seen to ‘babysit’ their kids. Most of us have likely seen fathers being asked if they babysat the kids while the mother was busy. Mind you, it’s not babysitting when it’s your kids that you’re taking care of. No one asks the mom about it, which shows that it’s a natural expectation for them to care for the baby. 

3. Food for Thought

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If I had a dollar for every time a woman was told off while eating, I’d be the wealthiest person on the planet. A user mentions how serving yourself a mountain of food at dinner as a woman draws much more negative attention than if you were a man. Many women experience their food choices being policed and judged. 

4. The Lonely Cat Lady

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Hell breaks loose whenever a woman expresses her desire not to want kids. Numerous users point out the hypocritical reaction of others towards men and women when it comes to not wanting babies. While the concept is more acceptable for men, women are often seen as selfish for being child-free. People will go as far as saying that your life is wasted as a woman and you’ll regret this decision by the time you age. I suppose being the neighborhood cat lady is not as bad as they make it seem.

5. Turn That Frown Upside Down

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So many women share their experiences of being told to smile. It’s as if having a resting face is a sin. One person shares how her husband was shocked when she told him how often men ask her to smile when she is going about her day.

6. The Working Mom Struggle

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The stigma surrounding working mothers is exceptionally prevalent. Women dedicated to their work are ultimately perceived as neglectful mothers. When the fathers do it, they are suddenly perceived as hardworking family members struggling for their family’s well-being.

7. Gray Matter

Woman With Gray Hair
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You won’t get any compliments if you’re a woman with a few gray strands of hair. As someone highlights, it is not considered normal for women to let their hair go naturally gray unless they’re really old. Even when it comes to ageism, women have it worse than men. 

8. Breaking Barriers

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Many people still think certain professions are meant for men only! One person shares how their mother would do welding and face horrible comments from men. They would either consider her stupid or ill-equipped for the job. She took the same training as her male counterparts and had even worked in the field for longer than most. Talk about double standards!

9. Hysterical or Passionate? Gender Bias in Politics

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Sadly, women have always been seen as emotional and even hysterical for expressing essential sentiments. This is particularly the case for politics as underpinned by an individual. If a woman raises her voice, she is automatically considered a bad leader, but when men do it, it suddenly becomes okay.

10. Negotiating for What You Deserve (And Getting Punished for It)

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Every time women try to make it clear that they won’t settle for less, they are viewed negatively. One user shares the case of pay negotiation. For instance, if male and female job candidates negotiate the same way, the female negotiators would still be viewed more negatively. This thread inspired this post.

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